Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter, Eggs and Moving On!

Most people other than the very dedicated will have indulged in a little Easter treat over the weekend, Easter is the longest  Bank Holiday we get other than Xmas and is a great time to spend catching up with family and friends, Easter is a fun time with Egg hunts and an array of brightly coloured goodies filling the shelves since well just after Xmas i think, so now its done put it behind you and get back on track! Dont let the guilt get in the way of your goals, you chose to indulge, and in doing so will have enjoyed things that maybe you dont choose to eat every day! Savour the tastes you experienced but  now get back on to your regular nutritional plan that is something that you can sustain day in day out and week in week out whether that be carb cycling, good old fashioned healthy eating or which ever is your choice of program but make it consistant, most "diet" plans fail due to inconsistancy so make yours something that will keep you on the straight and narrow for some time and not veering off to the next temptation because you just cant stick to it! We are now nearly a third into 2010 are you a third of the way into achieving your goals for this year? If not, there is still time - just be consistant!