Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nutrition for the 30 days ahead

So for anyone following the challenge that is to start on the 1st January you may be wondering what the Elimination diet is all about!

This is Dax Moys creation and is a diet that has been used world wide with great effect and now forms the nutritional element of many Personal Trainers prescription!

You can go to his site and download a copy for yourself if you want to try it out! But for anyone just interested basically you eliminate anything processed, all sugars and alcohol, wheat, dairy (other than butter and live yoghurt) so you may be wondering what you can eat.................

Vegetables of all shapes, colours and sizes - I actually crave veg if I havent eaten it for a few days and it is something that I always look forward to when I've been away especially to the states where veg is far and few between at restaurants!
There are so many different varieties you could never get bored!

Yum!! Mouthwatering juicy fruits again so many different colours and textures all bursting with goodness - raspberries are my ultimate favourite and became my sweet indulgence with greek yog whilst on the plan last time!

Lean meats, fish and eggs - luckily we have chickens so we get fresh eggs everyday and there is no doubt that they taste a milllion times better than shop bought ones! An egg = a complete meal in a shell!!

                                                Nuts and seeds - great for snacking on along with a piece of fruit!     Good fats actually help our bodies to lose fat!!

Water, water and more water - I will be drinking approx 3litres a day - along with a slice of lemon!

I can guarantee that the items that wont be entering the diet for the next 30 days are those from the picture below! Colourful yes but also artifical and full of chemicals and fat!

I felt great last time I did this and am looking forward to getting rid of the Xmas bloat and filling my fridge with lovely fresh colourful healthy foods!

What do you cut out of your diet and why? what do you think could you not live without??

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here I go again....................

Just signed up for a re run fo Dax's fat loss challenge - for any regular readers you will remember that I did this last summer and lost about 6lbs and 12 inches in 30 days - It is kicking off again under the new name of Meltdown on the 1st January!! So this time I am hoping to kick arse and get some fab results! My OH is 30 at the end of May so I want to look super hot for that occasion so that is my overall goal for this year that gives me 5 months to get there so Dax's program should hopefully give me a great start!!

This time round we will be working out 4 times a day which is one up from the 3 we did last summer - hmmmm a challenging prospect time to get myself super organised I think!! I am really looking forward to it though especially after relaxing my diet over Xmas and feeling the results of that! Actually I have had hardly any alcohol probably only about 3 or 4 drinks over the last few weeks but I have had a couple of desserts and of course some chocolates along with cheeses etc and although I havent eaten any larger quantities than normal just having the rich foods and not drinking the extra water to go along with it has left me feeling really sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable - everything is tight again and it serves as a great reminder why this time of year is so bad for us! I have tried to moderate what I have done but even so I still feel rubbish for it so I am really looking forward to losing that discomfort by eating clean fresh foods!!

Please keep reading and supporting through this challenge it does really help me along when I know people are out there! In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year - make 2010 your best yet!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

12 Tips of Xmas

1.   Drink that water - 8-10 glasses a day minimum (it will help to flush away those nasty toxins from any naughty treats you may indulge in over the festive period!!

2. Avoid buffets where possible just a few of those cocktail sausages and vol au vents will add up to many calories - try eating soemthing before you go and then just choose wisely!

3.  Watch those bowls of nuts - whilst the raw unsalted varieties are very good for you they are still high in calories and the salted roasted ones are even worse!! Plus you never know who has washed their hands before digging in!!

4.  Try to do 1 thing every day to work towards your goal whethe rit be a walk a short workout or having 1 less glass of wine!

5.  No time for the gym with all those parties and family do's - make yourself a short 15 minute home workout using bodyweight exercises and repeat for time!

6,  Enjoy yourself and have those treats but just have one - dont take the attitude that I've had one so 3 more wont hurt - youre not missing out if you enjoy one of your favourite festive treats 1 mince pie in the tum is much better than 3 mince pies on the waist line!!

7.  Do something active with the family over Xmas even if its just taking part in a WII sports game it still burns some calories and is better than just crashing out in front of another episode of Eastenders!

8.  Enjoy all those lovely veggies with your Xmas dinner - fill your plate with those good for you filling veggies then there wil be less room on your plate for the roasties and other goodies - yes I know theyre the yummy bits but you will be thankful when your trying to work them off in the New Year!

9.  Dont put off tomorrow what you can do today - there is still time to lose a few lbs before the big day!

10.  Mix your wine with diet soda to make a lovely refreshing spritzer - it will take you longer to drink and come in at half the calories!!

11. Another workout tip if you cant do your usual 60 min workout then work out twice as hard for 30 mins!!

12. Get your Zzzzzzz's you wil then feel refreshed and ready to take on the big day!!!

Have fun!!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

New years Resolutions! Out of date????

This is something that when related ot health & fitness should not even be an option as we should be working towards our goals all year round however year after year gyms take on new members all wanting to start the new year by losing weight! I have set myself a goal of losing just 4lbs by Xmas so that my New Years Goals will not be as high!

I am also going to do just 1 little thing everyday over the festive period to work towards them too whether it be just a quick 15 mins workout or making wise choices with nutrition - everyone wants to have a great Xmas and New Year celebrations but is there really any excuse for letting all your ideas and principles go?

What do you guys think? will you be setting New Years resolutions? or will you carry on with your own goals throughout?


Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday Fun - 15 Random facts about me!

So just for fun I thought I would share some random facts about me - this is something that many of my PT colleagues do on their ning sites and it is always a good read! That does mean though that anyone who reads this has to share 15 facts about themselves too!  It would be great to find out a little more about my readers and put a little more info to the name or face!! 

I cant wait to read what you guys come up with so please add your replies in the comments section below!

Dont be shy now :-)

Ok back to me - hope I can think of things that arent too boring xx

  1. I have 3 brothers all of whom I've never lived with - 1 lives in Canada, 1 in Australia and the other in Scotland! (Do you think they are trying to tell me something??)
  2. I was absolutely useless at sport at school and took every opportuntiy to get out of it so it came as a surprise to me when I found I loved exercise in later life and made it my career!
  3. I love going to the zoo - elephants, wild cats and meer cats are my favourites!
  4. I have swum with Dolphins - another of my favourite creatures!
  5. I absolutely crave vegetables and it is the first thing I want when I get back from a holiday a meal with a good plate of veggies especially brocolli!
  6. I have a clothes obsession and am a little anal about my wardrobe and hang everything in colour range and style etc!! - I'm a Virgo thats my excuse!
  7. I also have an underwear obsession and have over 60 sets of matching undies!!! Lots of which are in the wrong size and dont even fit me!!!!
  8. I often talk in my sleep!
  9. My favourite exercise is the squat and its many adaptations!
  10. I am super flexible and my arms, shoulders and knees do things they really shouldnt!
  11. I still like watching Disney films luckily my daughter has the same tastes and will watch them too!
  12. I kind of find Simon Cowell strangely attractive and the money/power thing has never done it for me before!! - odd as I dont find him remotely attractive on a looks basis!!
  13. I built my own house 2 years ago and sorted everything that went into doing so!
  14. I could eat a giant bar of chocolate and not be sick!
  15. I left school at the age of 15 and worked full time before I was 16 - I was the youngest in my year with a end of Aug birthday!!
Ok over to you guys.........................................

Friday, 27 November 2009

Doing ok

I wanted to say doing fab but I am doing ok - I had a good workout this morning which I did at home as I didnt have time for the trip to the gym but is was just as good and I pushed myself hard!

Food for the last few days has been good not amazing but good - I had a lovely post workout shake this morning and managed to add just water to it rather than milk as the banana gave it a nice creaminess which made the milk unnecessary! Other than that I have snacked on nuts so far today! Dinner is to be a homemade chicken curry which i will serve with rice for the family and veg for myself!

This was only a quick update so apologies for lack of interesting content!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

90:10 rule

I have decided to re introduce this rule which gives me the power to choose 4 meals a week that arent 100% to plan - I have made up a chart showing all of my meals which at 5 a day is 35 a week 10% of those is 3-4 this also applies for missing a meal too.  I am also using this successfully with clients too!

Food for today hasnt been great!

B - Cup of tea greek yog, whey and raspberries
S - none
L - Chicken and tomato sandwich (Bread - not good)
S - cashews
D - not sure - not very hungry so will have to com eup with something or i may pinch JAG's porridge at any meal idea!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Some quotes just because!

I love quotes and alwasy wish I could have been the one to first say it lol!

Here are a few that are either great, motivational or just funny!

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done,
it's always your choice." Wayne Dyer

"You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there." -Unknown

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." -Margaret Thatcher

"We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough." -Helen Keller

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be." -David Viscott

"Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat." -Jill Johnson

"When you nourish your body with pure energy, you transform from the inside out." -Bill Phillips

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." –Jim Ryun

"Never, never, never quit." -Winston Churchill

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." – Confucius

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance. Lee Iacocca

If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people. Jim Eason

Friday, 20 November 2009

If you eat Mcdonalds you have to watch this!

Pizza is the food of the devil!

I have decided that Pizza has come from the other side - literally food from the devil!!

Due to the stuff going on at the moment I am really not making any real effort to eat sensibly - just eating is something and so last night the kids wanted Dominoes - this was duly ordered and I indulged in 2 slices (when i say 2 slices i dont eat the crust and dont eat much of the base just kind of picked off the toppings with a little bit of base here and there).
The first thing that hit me was the saltiness of the topping most likely the pepperoni, I had to pick off that bit after one mouthful - then the stodginess of the dough! i could imagine it sitting like lead in my stomach - I've never been a huge pizza fan - can definately take it or leave it but after last night i am so going to leave it in future totally - by the time i went to bed my stomach resembled a rock hard, bloated barrel! I felt horrible, uncomfortable and all for a few bites of something i'm not even that into and at a cost of £27!!!!

Pizza goes into room 101!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

4lbs down but not a good result!

The scales have gone down dramatically over the last few days but obviously that is not 4lbs of fat!!

Needless to say the carb cycling has gone out of the window for the last few days and I am really only concentrating on eating something! Protein shakes seem to be the way to go for me! Quick, easy and have some goodness to them and easy to get down!

I apologise for lack of posts and this one being so gloomy - I have lots of decisions to make and the future seems a little scary right now - I will make an effort to make a good fitness related post very soon :-) x

Friday, 13 November 2009

Naughty but nice xxx

I really didnt want to make a new post tonight as the previous one was so colourful with its chocolate covered strawberries! It has made me think I'd like to add more pics to my blog as they do brighten it all up a bit and I love looking at other peoples too!

Today I was doing very well on my low carb ness until this evening - my bf is away and so I had invited 2 girlfriends round for dinner and I made the most delicious Thai green chicken curry with rice and had bought 2 very gorgeous but sinful puddings they were the GU  little tiny pots we had 1 chocolate mousse and 1 key lime pie each they were tiny but absolutely scrummy and anything that tasty had to be packed with calories - I havent even checked as I dont want to ruin it!! Tomorrow will have to be a very very good day!!!

Thought I'd share this pic with you all - if this isnt enough to put you off McD's then I dont know what is!!

Made me laugh though and is a good reminder that good healthy eating is the way to go!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Operation chocolate covered kindness!

Hey guys please check out this blog :
Every click on her pages will help raise more money and there are some great recipes on there too!!

Make this one of your good deeds for today - do it now :-) xxx

How much do I want to eat that stawberry dipped in chocolate!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Marks & Spencer = Carb Heaven!!

I went shopping today with friend and daughter and we stopped in M&S for lunch - there wasnt a single thing in the cafe that wasnt carb based - teacakes/pastries/scones/sandwiches/cakes/muffins/jacket spuds/toasted sarnies etc etc etc

I was starving and am doing my best to stick to the eating every 2-3 hours so I had a jacket spud with tuna and salad - not very low carb hey!! Although today i have come in at just over 100g so far and i keep reading that this is still considered low!!! I am still confused!!! I am aiming for 30% or less carbs today so after a high protein dinner I am hoping I'll be there!

I have bought the most gorgeous sparkly sequin top today and if fits fine but i know it will look a hell of a lot better when i have lost lots of pounds!! I will try to get a pic of it later!

Just done todays workout - legs still killing after Mondays but they feel alot looser now its done!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Inspirational pics

Well I logged on to update my blog and as always check the blogs I'm following to catch up with their latest news and posts! My mate Justagirl always has an nteresting read and today was no exception she has posted a great article about the myths of toning and had a picture on there that has now become my inspiration - yes it is highly unlikely that i will ever look like that but it is what i am going to pin up and work towards and I am going to share this with you and 1 other pic i found below:

How amazing does she look? yes she may have fake boobs (mine were kind of like that once naturally) but to me she has a perfect figure and one i aspire to for sure! Thank you Jo for letting me use this pic xx

This is another great pic and another one to aim towards!

So todays carbs were better than yesterday at 35% but still not really low enough i guess today was medium carb day! I ache a little from yesterdays workout which is good too.

I had a great PT session with one of my favourite clients tonight and that always makes me realise why i love my job! We practiced tabata clean with the kettlebell and she did really well! It is a surprisingly tough workout!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Quick update

Well i kind of messed up today as a low carb day it has turned out as a high carb day with 40% coming from carbs and about 160grams! so it looks like i will have to do better tomorrow! I am trying to decide whether to do 3 days of low to medium followed by 1 high day or 1 low, 1 medium and 1 high! The other confusing thing is that everyone seems to have different ideas about what consitutes low and high carbs - I have read some saying 100g of carbs is low and others recommending 30g etc and some saying 150g is high and others saying 300g is high! Confusing!! If anyone has any better info then please leave me a message!!

My workout was great and consisted of 4 rounds the first was heavy for 6 reps for a few exercises followed by the same exercises x 15 reps at a lighter weight, then some metabolic exercises and to finish off tabatas with kettlebell cleans - phew ended up hot, sweaty but feeling good!!

I have just used my foam roller which also felt very good :-)

Planning is the key to success

This is just a quickie - you can never under estimate the power of planning! Today is my first day on my new plan - my food and diet i have decided but with carb cycling anf with Alwyn Cosgroves workout!

Today I had planned to be a very low carb day however after researching what is deemed to be low carb I realised I could have a little more than I had anticipated so i mad emy breakfast smoothie (recipe below somewhere) and that gave me approx 45g of carbs so I had planned that would be it and i'd have eggs and ham for lunch and chicken and veg for dinner BUT now this is where the planning went out of the window I went shopping with my friend only food shopping nothing exciting but when we got back i went in for a quick drink and her Mum and Dad gave me a piece of their lovely fresh olive bread to try! Yum it was delicious however this is going to bring my carb quota way up and not what i had planned! I was really hungry and should have gone straight home and had as i had planned or taken something with me to eat that was on my list for today! I have just checked and I am currently at 40% carbs for the day! However this will change later when i have a higher protein dinner but it is going to work out at a higher carb day than i had wanted!

I am happy that my friend has just rang me and asked to do a workout later together so i am going to make her do todays program! I will post later about how we got on and my final % of carbs!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

New beginnings...............

So Monday I will be starting a new workout plan - I am going to be following his metabolic circuits combined with strength training and possibly his diet although i may mix and match as i am a little fed up of being told what to eat and quite looking forward to making my own choices again!

I am quite excited about the training as I think it will push me quite a bit and hopefully bring about some sort of transformation! I want a good one to put on my website and to date none of my clients have been willing to have their pics taken so I have come to the conclusion that I will have to do one myself! OMG I've said it now so i guess i will have to do it!

I am going to set myself a mini target/goal of 7lbs by the end of November - we have a weekend in London with a night out and I would love to wear the sequin dress I have ordered so we shall see!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

People are so defensive when it comes to health sometimes!!

Following on from a very interesting post on sugar consumption and the damage it can cause - I posted this on a weight loss site and the response was quite astounding! In my job I hear excuses and reasons why people have to have certain things etc all the time and I am guilty of it myself to a degree as in I do have the odd treat or cheat or however you want to put it - I am trying to wean myself onto Green and Blacks but sometimes I just want a bit of bad for me Cadburys!! The thing is though I am not going to try and justify that - I know it isnt good for me, it makes me feel rubbish afterwards and I only enjoy it whilst its actually in my mouth!! If someone told me to cut it out I'm not going to attack them for daring to say something I like is bad for me because I know it is!! It isnt going to help me reach my goals any sooner I know that too so if i choose to have some then it is my choice and I have to pay the price for that!
It does annoy me though that people critisize so quickly and try to defend something (in this case sugar) that is of no use to us at all - show me one bit of research that shows me the benefits of eating refined sugar?
The same people are very quick to clearly state that sugar is not the cause of certain conditions - but without any back up information!
I think it all goes along with the principle that people want quick fixes with little or no effort these days - well that just doesnt happen - losing fat the right way does take effort - you gain what you are prepared to put in or in a phrase I've heard many times what price are you willing to pay? to get the results you want!

For anyone who wants to read the article I am referring to: (hope that works)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A mixed bag

Wasnt sure what to post today - am fighting off Soph's tonsilitis so feeling a bit under par!

We had a lovely thai meal out last night for her birthday which did include white rice - oops but 1 portion between 3 of us wasnt too bad i guess!

In todays emails I have received 2 challenges one for from Brad Pilon of Eat Stop Eat and the other from a frien dof mine Caroline Radway for a kettlebell challenge - then as i read more it seems she is combining the 2 so it is something I might think about as i wanted to combine kettlebells into my training - I am meeting up with Caroline on friday so will see what it involves!!

I quite like the idea of the ESE challenge as although i did it before a few times on Daxs challenge it does mean that if you have the odd treat or dont stick to 100% clean eating then the fat oss should still continue!

I think I will just do my own thing this week and decide about something over the weekend!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

What to do next........

Is what I've been thinking over the weekend - I have gone from one challenge to a break to another challenge where all the work has been done for me - now it is time to think for myself and get to my target alone! I know I want to incorporate kettlebells into my training but dont know whether to stick to bodyweight stuff, go back to heavy weights or both - hmmm maybe a combination of all of it!

Diet wise I am going to continue to try to eat as cleanly as possible, I will only eat bread when absolutely no other alternative, sugar will be kept to an absolute minimum maybe the odd square of green and blacks if i have a craving! No alcohol but I will have my 1 cup of tea daily and greek yoghurt in the form of dairy.

My all time favourite breakfast is going to continue to be the smoothie courtesy of Rylan which I have now adapted to make just right for me:

1 pot of Fage greek yogurt fat free
1 small banana
1/2 cup of raspberries
1/2 cup of oats
1 scoop of cookies and cream whey
1 tbsp flaxseed
1 tsp ground almonds

It is truly yummy and keeps me full for ages and is made from all sorts of good for you ingredients, as the yoghurt is so thick i tend to dilute it a bit with water.

I miss my friend for working out with we always had a great laugh working out together so I will have to drag her out to catch up on some kick arse workouts!

It is my daughters birthday tomorrow so we will be going out for dinner to a thai restuarant - my absolute fave so tomorrow wont be the best calorie wise but I will try to avoid having anymore sauce than what covers the chicken!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tom V - wise words

For any of my blog readers that doesnt get to read Tom Venutos posts - He always makes sense to me so I thought i'd share this with you guys!

New Rule #1: Define what clean eating means to you

Obviously, clean eating is not a scientific term. Most people define clean eating as avoiding processed foods, chemicals and artificial ingredients and choosing natural foods, the way they came out of the ground or as close to their natural form as possible. If that works for you, then use it. However, the possible definitions are endless. I’ve seen forum arguments about whether protein powder is “clean.” Arguments are a waste of time. Ultimately, what clean eating means is up to you to define. Whether your beliefs and values have you restrict or expand on the general definition, define it you must, keeping in mind that your definition may be different than other’s.

New Rule #2: Always obey the law of energy balance

There’s one widely held belief about food that hurts people and perpetuates the obesity problem because it’s simply not true. It’s the idea that calories don’t matter for weight loss, as long as you eat certain foods or avoid certain foods. Some people think that if you eat only clean foods, you’re guaranteed to lose weight and stay lean. The truth is that eating too much of anything gets stored as fat. Yes, you can become obese eating 100% clean, natural foods. There’s more to good nutrition than calories in versus calories out, but the energy balance equation is always there.

New Rule #3: Remember that “foods” are not fattening, “excess calories” are

There’s a widespread fear today that certain foods will automatically turn into fat. Carbohydrates – particularly refined carbohydrates and sugars - are still high on the hit list of feared foods, and so are fatty foods, owing to their high caloric density (9 calories per gram). Foods that contain fat and sugar (think donuts) are considered the most fattening of all. But what if you ate only one small donut and stayed in a calorie deficit for the day – would you still say that donut was fattening?
If you want to say certain foods are fattening, you certainly can, but what you really mean is that some foods are calorie dense, highly palatable, not very satiating and eating them might even stimulate your appetite for more (betcha can’t eat just one!). Therefore, they’re likely to cause you to eat more calories than you need. Conversely, “non-fattening” foods have no magical properties, they’re simply low in caloric density, highly filling and non-appetite stimulating.

New Rule #4: Understand the health-bodyfat paradox

Two of the biggest reasons people choose to eat clean are health and weight loss. Health and body composition are intertwined, but dietary rules for health and weight loss are not one in the same. Weight gains or losses are dictated primarily by calorie quantity. Health is dictated primarily by calorie quality. That’s the paradox: You can lose weight on a 100% junk food diet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be healthy. You can get healthier on an all natural clean food diet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight… and if you gain too much weight, then you start getting unhealthy. To be healthy and lean requires the right combination of calorie quantity and quality, not one or the other.

New Rule #5: Forbidden foods are forbidden.

Think of you on a diet like a pressure cooker on a burner. The longer you keep that pot on the heat, the more the steam builds up inside. If there’s no outlet or release valve, eventually the pressure builds up so much that even if it’s made of steel and the lid is bolted down, she’s gonna blow, sooner or later. But if you let off a little steam by occasionally having that slice of pizza or whatever is your favorite food, that relieves the pressure.
Alas, you never even felt the urge to binge… because you already had your pizza and the urge was satisfied. Since the “cheat meal” was planned and you obeyed the law of calorie balance, it had little or no effect on your fat loss results. Ironically, you overcome your cravings by giving in to them, with two caveats: not too often and not too much.

New Rule #6: Set your own compliance rule

Many health and nutrition professionals suggest a 90% compliance rule because if you choose clean foods 90% of the time, it’s easy to control your calories, you consume enough nutrients for good health, and what you eat the other 10% of the time doesn’t seem to matter much. Suppose you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day, a total of 35 feedings per week. 90% compliance would mean following your clean eating plan for about 31 or 32 of those weekly feedings. The other 3 or 4 times per week, you eat whatever you want (as long as you obey rule #2 and keep the calories in check)
You’ll need to decide for yourself where to set your own rule. A 90% compliance rule is a popular, albeit arbitrary number – a best guess at how much “clean eating” will give you optimal health. Some folks stay lean and healthy with 80%. Others say they don’t even desire junk food and they eat 99% clean, indulging perhaps only once or twice a month.
One thing is for certain – the majority of your calories should come from natural nutrient-dense foods – not only for good health, but also because what you eat most of the time becomes your habitual pattern. Habit patterns are tough to break and what you do every day over the long term is what really counts the most.

New Rule #7: Have “free” meals, not “cheat” meals

Cheating presupposes that you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. That’s why you feel guilty when you cheat. Guilt can be one of the biggest diet destroyers. Consider referring to these meals that are off your regular plan as “free meals” instead of “cheat meals.” If having free meals is part of your plan right from the start, then you’re not cheating are you? So don’t call it that.

New Rule #8: For successful weight control, focus on compliance to a calorie deficit, not just compliance to a food list

Dietary compliance doesn’t just mean eating the right foods, it means eating the right amount of food. You might be doing a terrific job at eating only the foods “authorized” by your nutrition program, but if you eat too many “clean” foods, you will still get fat. On the fat loss side of health-bodyfat paradox, the quantity of food is the pivotal factor, not the quality of food. If fat loss is your goal and you’re stubbornly determined to be 100% strict about your nutrition, then be 100% strict about maintaining your calorie deficit.

Lesson #9: Avoid all or none attitudes and dichotomous thinking

If you make a mistake, it doesn’t ruin an entire 12 week program, a whole week and not even an entire day. What ruins a program is thinking that you must either be on or off your diet and allowing one meal off your program to completely derail you. All or nothing thinking is the great killer of diet programs.
Even if they don’t believe that one meal will set them back physically, many “clean eaters” feel like a single cheat is a moral failure. They are terrified to eat any processed foods because they look at foods as good or bad rather than looking at the degree of processing or the frequency of consuming them.
Rest assured, a single meal of ANYTHING, if the calories don’t exceed your energy needs, will have virtually no impact on your condition. It’s not what you do occasionally, it’s what you do most of the time, day after day, that determines your long term results.

New Rule #10: Focus more on results, less on methods

I’m not sure whether it’s sad or laughable that most people get so married to their methods that they stop paying attention to results. Overweight people often praise their diet program and the guru that created it, even though they’ve plateaud and haven’t lost any weight in months, or the weight they lost has begun to creep back on. Health food fanatics keep eating the same, even when they’re sick and weak and not getting any stronger or healthier.
Why would someone continue doing more of the same even when it’s not working? One word: habit! Beliefs and behavior patterns are so ingrained at the unconscious level, you repeat the same behaviors every day virtually on automatic pilot. Defending existing beliefs and doing it the way you’ve always done it is a lot easier than changing.
In the final analysis, results are what counts: weight, body composition, lean muscle, performance, strength, blood pressure, blood lipids, and everything else you want to improve. Are they improving or not? If not, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lots of updates - from kettlebell hell to week from hell!!

Massive apologies for lack of blogging - the last week has been a total nightmare!!

The DOMS from the kettlebell course lasted nearly a week in the end so my workouts have been somewhat limited and painful :-(

My daughter has the worst case of tonsilitis ever ending up in a dash to the hospital the other night as she couldnt breathe or swallow - the tonsils were so infected and swollen they had more or less closed her throat - she is now on anti biotics and painkillers but it hasnt kicked in yet - it is however very quiet around here!

My life continues to be very stressful but I wont bore you with the details!!

So to wrap up the final week of Rylans project it went like this:

Wednesday - 5 sets of intervals 3mins high and 2 low

I attempted to do swings but my hamstrings just too painful so had to walk instead, my legs just felt like they were going to collapse under me!

We then had 3 circuits of strength:

Clean and Jerk x 12
Get-Up (quickly) x 9 each side (felt easier than yesterdays turkish ones!!
Burpees, Pushup, Press x 12
Alternating Lunge & Torso Rotation x 9 each direction
Ball Pass x 12 nice as my abs dont hurt!
3 Point Toe Tappers x 12 still hating these


Smoothie for brekkie and snack
Tuna salad
Chicken and veg


Wasnt good - can barely walk today so went with a freind to the opening of a new John Lewis store near us and hobbled around - its weird it is the worst case of DOMS i've ever had but is limited to only my posterior chain (up the back, calves, hamstrings, and back) Our instructor told us when she did her course she felt like she'd had a face lift as everything was so tight!!

Confession: I just couldnt workout today, hot bath and a massage was what i needed i only got the hot bath though!!

Quick shake
Salmon burger


Doms still present so when Rylan said this would be our toughest workout he wasnt wrong!!!

Intervals 5 x 3high 2 low

Clean and Jerk x 14
Get-Ups x 11 each side
Burpees, Pushup, Press x 14
Alternating Lunge & Torso Rotation x 11
Ball Pass x 14
Toe Tappers x 14 reps each side
Chin-Up (or Down) & Crunch x 12

Saturday - well deserved day off - thank god xx

Sunday - fun cardio - walk in the lovely new forest


We did out original workout which does seem so easy now!

2 x intervals 2 mins high 3 low

Prisoner Squat x 10 2 sets
Step-Ups x 10 2 sets
Pushups x 10 2 sets
Burpees x 10 x 2 sets
Bench Dips with Bent Legs x 10 x 2 sets
Get-Ups x 10 x 2 sets

Phew its done - end results not as good as they should have been that has been my issue lately 6lbs on Daxs programme and 5lbs on this one! Not great but that is down to me and whats going on around me rather than the actual programme - stress and weight loss not a great mix!!

What happens next - well i am looking forward to doing my own thing again adn i think the kettlebells will be taking a front place now for a bit plus introducing back a few foods i missed but i am determined to reach my goal by Xmas and have put a chart into place with rewards along the way so blogging will continue!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

OMG!!!! Kettlebell hell lol

Well today i had my kettlebell training course - it was a really enjoyable day although extremely tiring and I am sorer than I can describe to you - from my hamstrings into my glutes right up the erector spinae (that goes all the way up your spine to your neck) ouch!!!

Tomorrow I am not looking forward to! We probably had about 7 hours of practice and drills so I am hoping Rylan is going to let me off todays workout as I think this one may have made up for it!!!

Todays food i coulkdnt really stick to the plan for today so i took whatt was portale and doable which was the smoothie for brekkie and snack, tuna salad and now i'm home i can have the intended chicken stir fry for dinner!!

Then a hot bath and bed i think!!!!

Monday - the end is in sight!!

Today we had a new circuit and a new menu

We had 5 intervals of 3 mins high and 2 low

Then 10 clean and jerk
7 get ups much quicker though per leg
10 burpees push up and press (i love you Rylan!!!!)
14 lunges with rotation
10 ball passes
3 point toe tappers (like they could get any harder) x 10 each leg
chin up x 8 with crunch

Yog, berrries and protein powder for brekkie (this is my normal standyby anyway so just like old times)
hummus and raw veg
salmon and veg for dinner!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

A big thank you.....

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all my lovely readers who have left me lovely comments and useful ideas! It is really nice to have so much support so thanks to all but especially Natasha, Annette, Caroline and Rylan :-))))

One week to go and I am already thinking of new routines to continue with and have made myself a plan from now until Xmas - it is 10 weeks so in that time I shouldbe able to do some serious work!!

I have a kettlebell course to go to on Tuesday which I am looking forward to and will hopefully give me more tools in the bag to workout with other than the swings that I have been doing alot of!

This weekend the fun cardio was not quite so much fun but more a necessity with clearing of garden rubbish and we made 3 trips to the tip! Along with a fair bit of tidying up afterwards and mowing the lawn!

Got a busy busy week ahead and it is the last one of Rylans Challenge!! We have new exercises and another nutrition change too!!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Thurs & Fri

5 x intervals of 2:45 high and 2 low!

Strength of 13 jacknife and pushups, 13 chindowns, 18 lunge and curls, 20 toe tappers (still very very hard) 13 squat curl and press and 13 front raises.

Oats and apple, yog and berries, chicken salad, salmn and veggies

5 x intervals (it said 2:30 but that would be going back so i did 2:45 and 2 low!

As above but adding an extra rep! and 2 on the lunges toe taps etc!

Eggs, chicken salad, apple and peanut butter, chicken and veggies

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tues and Wed

This is going to be short as i just typed it all out with great long descriptions for a change and then lost it all - arghhhhhhhh today is not my day!!

Tues same intervals 2;30 high 2 low x 5

strength 11 reps on all 14 on lunges and 16 toe taps

food was my fave smoothie
tuna salad
chicken salad


as above with 12 reps
16 lunges and 18 toe taps (not getting any easier)

Am struggling at the mo - life is very stressful with lots of personal stuff going on - really finding it all a bit tough at the mo :-( x

Monday 2 weeks to go!!

Intervals of 2.30 high and 2 low x 5

Strength of

Jacknife and pushup x 10 (ouch these are tough)
Chin downs x 10
lunge curl and press x 6 each leg - easy for me this one phew
toe tappers x 14 each leg - never done these before and wow they are horrible and hard
squat curl and press x 10
front db raise x 10 (new one for me and i like this one)

B hot cereal (my least fave brekkie)
S quick shake
L chicken spinach salad
D chicken stir fry

We are allowed a cheat meal this week although i dont think i will have one as i am not getting the results i want!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Today was our fun cardio day so i did gardening, i forget how much hard work it is, you use muscles you dont normally, we also got new chickens today we have 4 black ones and 2 yellowy orange ones, so we had to get their coup ready as well.

The dogs also got walked before the rain came down!

Food today has been eggs, and roast chicken with veg, snacks of an apple and nuts!

I have asked Rylan if stress is blocking my results - will wait and see what he replies!

Sat - rest day

4 weeks in now and i really am quite disheartend with my results - i feel like i am just going to stay this way forever! only 6lbs with Daxs program and only about 2 so far on this one!

I dont know why im just not getting anywhere!!!!

Fed up!!

Wed, thurs, Fri


The high intensity levels have upped to 2 mins30 x 4 along with 4 x lower intensity!

Then Jacknife x 12 (always one to do in private lol)
Pulldowns x 12
Lunge with curl x 16
12 pushups superset with 12 bench press (superset)
Squat curl and press x 12
Band rotations on ball x 12

B - 2 eggs ( iam cutting down on some cals)
S fruit
L Salmon salad
D turkey burger with salad


As yesterday - but with an extra rep and 2 extra on the lunges

B oats with apple
S Yoghurt and berries
L Chicken salad
S apple and peanut butter
D Chicken with veg


Now 14 reps on all exercises and 20 on the lunges plus the usual 4 intervals 2.3o high and 2 low

B 2 eggs (no oats as trying to cut cals)
S berries and buts
L tuna salad
S apple and peanut butter
D Chicken and veg

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Catch up blogs - flipping broadband!!

Arghhhhh had issues with broadband for days now - dropping in and out all the time so everytime I have tried to get online i have started just to lose it - very very annoying!!

Anyhow the weekend was a busy and tiring one - My daughter and I went to London for a girlie shopping weekend and walked for hours and hours - to be exact 9 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday so I guess I have fufilled my exercise quota for this weekend!! I couldnt stick to the food plan 100% as i couldnt make smoothies or cook etc so i ate as cleanly as possible with eggs for brekkie with mushrooms and chicken salad for lunch and the same for dinner!

Monday saw a change we are now doing 4 intervals if our cardio of 2 mins 15 of high followed by 2 of low x 4!

The strength part is new too:

Jackknife x 10 reps
Single Arm Band Pull Downs x 10
Alternating Lunges with Curl x 12 reps total (6 each leg)
Pushups x 10 supersetting with x 10 Dumbbell Bench Press on Ball
Squat, Curl, Press x 10
Band Rotations on Stability Ball x 10 reps each direction

Finding these easier than the previous workouts as the burpees and get ups are challenging! I may still add some in as they do get me everytime!!

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and then oats (struggled with this)
snack of berries and nuts (yum)
Lunch was tuna salad
Apple and peanut butter for another snack
Dinner was chicken salad this time!

It was a lower cal day and it felt like it a bit - but that is a good thing as i'm nt really getting too much smaller - we can also for the next few days cut our portions which i will try too!


Exercise as above but 11 reps of everything and 14 of the lunges!

Food was my fave smoothie
snack of the same
tuna salad for lunch
and chicken and veg for dinner!

Phew all updated :-)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wed & Thurs

Wednesday i couldnt workout as I had back to back clients and i felt ill, i have a cold dragging on and now a cough is coming, i havent been sleeping well and feel a bit crap really!

I wasnt hungry yesterday at all and ate what i could.

Today - thursday i still dont feel right but i had the eggs for breakfast and fruit, I had a the shake for snack/lunch as i wasnt hungry, dinner was turkey burger with veg!

I did manage to do 2 workouts but couldnt do all the reps today - jusst feeling rubbish and no energy!

Hope to feel better tomorrow x

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday Day 16 Ouch ouch ouch

Ouch.... Today i had promised my friend we would workout together so on top of my 3 x circuit of :-

16 weighted get ups
16 pushups (full)
11 burpees with jump
14 walking lunges
Band rotations and pulls ( I have a problem with these as they just dont seem to work for me) I need to do them in the gym on a weighted cable machine or Rylan has suggested some stronger bands but by the time i ordered and received them it would be too late for this challenge.

I also did a mega valslide circuit with my mate which has propely killed my legs - I have DOMS already and think i will be in trouble tomorrow - it was good fun but ouch!

Food today was the lovely smoothie which although i love it fills me up so much that i really struggled to eat as much today, I couldnt eat lunch but had an afternoon snack of some cold chicken, dinner was turkey with veg x

Not looking forward to hobbling out of bed in th emorning :-( x

Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday Day 16

Today was a hectic day - we started the day off with a new menu for breakfast I couldnt face eating the quantity we were allowed so I had just 2 eggs and mushrooms which kept me full for ages, I ate my portion of fruit after my first client which was a handful of raspberries, I had a protein smoothie with this although i didnt really feel i needed anything.

Lunch was a salmon salad and dinner tonight was a turkey burger with carrots, brocolli and beans yum x

The exercise plan had also changed and was:

warm up 5 mins, followed by 2 mins of high intensity kettlebell swings followed by 2 mins low intensity ( i rebounded) x 4

Then a circuit of the exercises below x 3

1) Get-Ups Weighted - 15 reps
2) Pushups - 15 reps
3) Burpees With Jump - 10 reps
4) Walking Lunges - 12 total lunges
5) Standing Band Rotations - 10 each direction
6) Band Pull-Downs - 10 reps

All good - I also walked for an hour and a half today so a good days exercise - shattered now and ready for bed x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gorgeous weekend

Saturday was our day off and Sunday I walked along the quay - see pics above:
The weather has been beautiful, if it wasnt for the cold mornings and evenings it has been better than summer!
We had no exercise plan to follow apart from an hours fun cardio which was my walk today!
Tomorrow see's some changes to our workout and a new days diet plan too - all good I like the changes x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Friday Day 12

Today's Workout

CardioWarmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2minutes and 15 seconds low intensity

Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training

Strength Training

Circuit Format - Complete 3 full circuitsRest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuit
For pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variations

Exercises Starting Repetitions
Shoulder Squat 14 reps Step-Ups Weighted 14 reps Decline Pushup 14 reps or Stability Ball Pushups 14 reps Dumbbell Burpees 14 reps Bench Dips - Feet Up 14 reps or Bench Dips - On Ball 14 reps Get-Ups - Weighted 14 reps Rest 60-90 seconds

Am going to do try kettlebell swings for my cv next workout ;-)

Food was as per the new plan - smoothie for brekkie, tuna for lunch and salmon for dinner yum x

Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 11 Fat loss challenge (Thurs)

Today's Workout

CardioWarmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2minutes and 15 seconds low intensity
Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training
Strength TrainingCircuit Format - Complete 3 full circuitsRest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuitFor pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variationsExercises Starting RepetitionsShoulder Squat 13 repsStep-Ups Weighted 13 reps Decline Pushup 13 repsorStability Ball Pushups 13 repsDumbbell Burpees 13 repsBench Dips - Feet Up 13 repsor Bench Dips - On Ball 13 repsGet-Ups - Weighted 13 repsRest 60-90 seconds

Today's Menu Plan*note: remember to get at least 2 liters of water per day or moreplus drink as much herbal tea de-caf as you like*Breakfast 7:30am1 apple (eaten whole, or chopped and mixed into oats)1 cup of cooked 'old fashioned' or large flake oats1 tbsp of sliced unsalted almonds1 tbsp of ground flax seed or linseedCinnamon and Stevia To TasteMorning Snack 10:30am1/2 cup of low fat plain yogurtor1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese1/2 cup of mixed frozen or fresh berries of your choice (mixed in)Lunch 12:30pm2-3 cups of green salad1 cup of fresh sliced veggies in salad (carrots, peppers, etc)1 grilled and sliced chicken or turkey breast mixed inDressing made from 1 tbsp of olive oil + lemon juice to taste+salt and pepper to season1 piece of fresh fruitAfternoon Snack 3:30pm1 apple or pear sliced1 tbsp of NATURAL almond or peanut butterDinner 6:00pm2 cups of steamed, or boiled veggies (your choice except corn, peas,potatoes, or other starches)2 cups of green salad served with lemon and oil dressing (same as what was served at lunch)1 serving (4-6 oz) or LEAN protein of your choice - grilled, baked, or poached - if choosing pork or beef be sure to trim away visible fat. Ground beef is not a good option unless extra lean and fat is drained off.Evening Snack 8:00pm (optional)2 oz of unsalted nuts (your choice)1 cup of fresh sliced veggies (carrots, celery sticks, sweetpepper slices etc.)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Fat Loss Day 10

Arghhhhhhhhh I cant wait to get my new laptop - it is a sad fact of life that I cant function without access to the internet and all the things I store on my pc. It is making my blogging virtualy impossible as I have to wait for a few seconds access to someone elses laptop - am hoping mine will arrive today or tomorrow - I am getting a lovely shiny new Sony Vaio which seems to be all singing all dancing - I loved the apples but couldnt justify the extra money for less spec - but visually they do look amazing!

Anyway Day 10 was busy food was as per the new menu so i had my yummy smoothie for brekkie and snack, tuna salad fo rlunch and chicken and veg for dinner.

I worked back to back clients yesterday so didnt get a chance to do the workout so will do 2 today :-( thinking that will be a challenge!!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fatloss Project day 9

Today was as yesterday with an extra rep:

Warmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2
minutes and 30 seconds low intensity
Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training

Strength Training

Circuit Format - Complete 3 full circuits
Rest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuit
For pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variations

Exercises Starting Repetitions

Shoulder Squat 11 reps
Step-Ups Weighted 11 reps
Decline Pushup 11 reps
Stability Ball Pushups 11 reps
Dumbbell Burpees 11 reps
Bench Dips - Feet Up 11 reps
Bench Dips - On Ball 11 reps
Get-Ups - Weighted 11 reps
Rest 60-90 seconds

Food was as before: back to the oats with almonds :-( he he
*note: remember to get at least 2 liters of water per day or more
plus drink as much herbal tea de-caf as you like*

Breakfast 7:30am

1 apple (eaten whole, or chopped and mixed into oats)
1 cup of cooked 'old fashioned' or large flake oats
1 tbsp of sliced unsalted almonds
1 tbsp of ground flax seed or linseed
Cinnamon and Stevia To Taste

Morning Snack 10:30am

1/2 cup of low fat plain yogurt
1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese
1/2 cup of mixed frozen or fresh berries of your choice (mixed in)

Lunch 12:30pm

2-3 cups of green salad
1 cup of fresh sliced veggies in salad (carrots, peppers, etc)
1 grilled and sliced chicken or turkey breast mixed in
Dressing made from 1 tbsp of olive oil + lemon juice to taste
+salt and pepper to season

1 piece of fresh fruit Raspberries

Afternoon Snack 3:30pm

1 apple or pear sliced
1 tbsp of NATURAL almond or peanut butter

Dinner 6:00pm

2 cups of steamed, or boiled veggies (your choice except corn, peas,
potatoes, or other starches)
2 cups of green salad served with lemon and oil dressing (same
as what was served at lunch)
1 serving (4-6 oz) or LEAN protein of your choice - grilled, baked,
or poached - if choosing pork or beef be sure to trim away visible
fat. Ground beef is not a good option unless extra lean and fat
is drained off. Tonight I had Chicken

Just ordered a new laptop today - so hopefully blogs can get back to being a little more exciting - my daughter doesnt like sharing hers very much so time is limited x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Fatloss Project day 8

Today was a good day - i loved the new changes to the menu - details below:


Smoothie made with the following:
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (you may substitute water)
1 cup of frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries,
1 banana
1/2 cup of whole flake oats (you may blend this separately to get
desired consistency)
4 tbsp of plain low fat yogurt
1 tbsp of flax seed oil (optional - but highly recommended)
2 scoops (equal to 40 grams of protein) of vanilla protein powder
(whey, vegan, hemp or other

This was really ymmy and we had half for brekkie and half for mid morning snack :-))) much preferring this to the porridge with almonds he he

Lunch was Tuna Salad made with the following:

1 can of white flaked tuna canned in water
1 tbsp of olive oil
1/4 cup chopped red and green pepper
1/4 cup of cooked or blanched beans (kidney, black, garbanzo or
Serve on crisp romaine lettuce leaves, or bed of salad greens

1 whole apple or pear

Afternoon Snack 3:30pm

4 slices low fat deli meat (turkey, chicken, ham)


2-3 cups of green salad with:
1 cup of chopped veggies of your choice on salad brocolli, carrots and cauliflower
1 tomato on salad
3 tbsp of oil and lemon juice dressing

1 serving (about 5-6 oz of lean protein) Chicken
preferably fish, but choose any low fat protein source of your

The exercise was:


Warmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2
minutes and 30 seconds low intensity
Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training

Strength Training

Circuit Format - Complete 3 full circuits
Rest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuit
For pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variations

Exercises Starting Repetitions

Shoulder Squat 10 reps
Step-Ups Weighted 10 reps
Decline Pushup 10 reps
Stability Ball Pushup 10 reps
Dumbbell Burpees 10 reps
Bench Dips - Feet Up 10 reps
Bench Dips - On Ball 10 reps
Get-Ups - Weighted 10 reps
Rest 60-90 seconds

My pc broke yesterday - so am quickly borrowing Sophs laptop to do blog x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 5, 6 & 7 Boogie boogie boogie

Finally able to update on the last few days - Day 5 was all as before again with additional rep! The weekend was impossible to be 100% on plan with the wedding so I did the best I could in the circumstances.

Day 6 Saturday - I followed the plan until the afternoon when we were then totally out of control for all food choices, the wedding food was a hog roast so I had just the meat (small portion) and some salad - there wasnt any other choices. My exercise was about 4-5 hours of dancing so I think i met my quota for the weekend! The bride looked lovely - will work on a few pics but cant get them off my phone at the mo as i forgot my camera :-( after the wedding itself we went in to town inc bride in her dress into a club and boogied until about 4am!

Today we spent travelling and we went to my other halfs parents for dinner where i had chicken and veg - yummy and lovely to be cooked for me!

Tomorrow is a new week and a new set of exercises nd a few diet changes - bring it on!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 4

Again as yesterday plus 1 rep on all circuits

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 3

Nutriton was as the day before, exercise was also exactly the same other than we added 1 more rep to each exercise.

Am struggling with the oats for brekkie - i am used to a higher protein start to the day and am starving hungry an hour or so after eating it - which then seems to continue all day - I dont have this issue when i have eggs for breakfast!

Am editing this post as didnt have time to blog properly until now - work has been manic along side re -doing my daughters bathroom which is turning into a nightmare and now it looks worse than it did before we started - will post pics when its done but right now it look slike something that should be on diy sos!!

Made one of my clients do the get ups last night too (laughs sadistically) he he xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 2

Nutrition for today:

08.00 B - 1/2 cup oats with 1 chopped apple with almonds (yuk) and flaxseed
10.30 S - 0% fat free Greek yoghurt with raspberries
12.30 L - 1 grilled chicken breast with salad, tomatoes, peppers and spring onion, banana
15.30 S - 1 apple with peanut butter
17.45 D - oven roasted chicken breast with leom juice with brocolli and cauliflower and mushrooms
21.00 S - 2oz cashew nuts

2L water
Warmup: 5 minutes
Intervals: 2 minutes high intensity Rowing machine + 3 minutes low intensity Rowing machine
2 sets each.

Strength Training Circuit
Exercises Sets and Reps

Prisoner Squat 3 sets, 11 reps
Bench Step-Ups 3 sets, 11 reps
Pushups - full press ups 3 sets, 11 reps
Burpees (with jump) 3 sets, 11 reps
Bench Dips straight leg 3 sets, 11 reps
Get-Ups (minus weight) 3 sets, 11 reps


Not liking the almonds at all - never did like the flavour and not growing on me so kind of ruined the porridge for me. Still feeling really hungry and craving sweet things abit!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 1

And so begins day one of 42 or 6 weeks. Had a manic day so couldnt do the exercise first thing but have just finished now!

Nutrition for today:

08.00 B - 1/2 cup oats with 1 chopped apple )didnt have the almonds or flax but bought today)
10.30 S - 0% fat free Greek yoghurt with raspberries
12.30 L - 1 grilled chicken breast with salad, tomatoes, peppers and spring onion, fresh pineapple
15.30 S - 1 apple with peanut butter
17.45 D - Salmon fillet with brocolli and carrot
21.00 S - 2oz cashew nuts

2L water
Warmup: 5 minutes
Intervals: 2 minutes high intensity Jumping Jacks + 3 minutes low intensity Jogging
2 sets each.

Strength Training Circuit
Exercises Sets and Reps

Prisoner Squat 3 sets, 10 reps
Bench Step-Ups 3 sets, 10 reps
Pushups - full press ups 3 sets, 10 reps
Burpees (with jump) 3 sets, 10 reps
Bench Dips straight leg 3 sets, 10 reps
Get-Ups (minus weight) 3 sets, 10 reps


I felt really hungry today, I havent had any headaches, I dont have caffeine anyway so although i have missed my decaff tea, it wasnt too bad. The oats for brekkie as always makes me starving an hour or so later so i was glad of my yoghurt snack. I was really ready for my dinner too.
The exercise was fine, the burpees get me as always - they are a brutal exercise, the others were all quite easy but i knew I had done the 3 rounds when i had completed it and i am now very hot and sweaty :-)))

Rylan if you read this re the getups - I noticed you used your hands to get up from the floor, I can do it with out using my hands if i cross my legs and use them to get up - is this acceptable or shoudl i be using my hand to push me up?

Tomorrow I will do the exercise early as advised but on work days with clients on and off all day i dont get the time on Mondays.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Challenge details tomorrow

We have been told that we will recieve all our details tomorrow ahead of Mondays Kick off - am quite excited and looking forward to it - we have a nightly deadline to get our blogs updated and all our food and workouts posted so i will have to be on track and organised!

I bought a dress yesterday for the wedding next weekend - it wasnt what i had in mind but a lovely turquoise colour - i just feel its a little plain, i will have to jazz it up with some accessories and good hair!! I have ordered some really cool shoes to go with it - they are very high though but they did have the front hidden shelf bit which makes a difference!

Will try and post some pics

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sorry - how bad am I????

I just saw the date i last posted on my blog and it is over a week ago - so sorry to those followers that are getting bored, i dont blame you there has been nothing to read lately - that is all about to change though as of Monday the new challenge starts and I have to post daily with all details of food and exercise - las ttime we were restricted with the info we gave out - this time we have to be exact and that is a condition of the program.

I am really excited about it and cant wait to start and see how different it is from the last one! I love having the accountability that comes with this type of thing and it worked for me last time.

I am still 2lbs up from the end of the last challenge as really I havent been on track since it ended and I went on holiday, things have been a little tricky for me emotionally lately and I have lacked motivation. That is all about to change, I will have new goals (daily) to achieve and hopefully that will take me forwards to being as I want to be by Xmas.

I have some rewards planned for when i reach certain goals, which I am looking forward to getting to.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Challenge

I've just applied for a new challenge, I think its a bit similar to the last one i did but with a different trainer (US based) this time, it also lasts for 6 weeks rather than 30 days.

He has asked for a deposit which we had to get in last night pacific time to guarantee a place (not sure if i made the deadline as had no clue when that was) if we stick to the plan and give before and after pics and a testimonial we get our deposit back!! we also have to blog daily - so I am waiting to see if i have been accepted or not!

The last one worked well for me as I had the accountability which I have discovered is my major plus point and failing as I am not so motivated when accountable only to myself, but seem to be able to do it 100% when accountable to others! something to work on maybe!

The new challenge if i get on it isnt due to start until 13th Sept so I have a few weeks to do my own thing and start to make a dent in my last 24lbs that is the amount i have decided i need or want to lose! I have a wedding on thr 19th to go to and want to lose 7lbs before that - who knows if i'll get into the dress i wanted to but i have seen sme nice ones in the shops and i love an excuse to get a new one!!! The goal is still to fit into my old dress even if i buy a new one!

The camping weekend was well as expected wet and windy!! My birthday was a nice sunny morning although still windy and we managed to sit out all day and have a bbq and walk on the beach, the next 2 days were cold, wet and very windy just like last years experience (maybe camping isnt for me)!!!!

Food wise i wasnt good at all as it was so hard to cater for 6 in a tent in bad weather without resorting to bread, I definately know it doesnt agree with me and i felt really uncomfortable every evening after a day of bacon roll for brekkie and maybe a sandwich for lunch!

Does anyone know if you can buy ham without sodium nitrate in it? I was using ham to replace my bread at brekkie time but with all the reports of how bad this is for us - I need an alternative, we went to a lovely organic farm shop whilst away and even their ham and bacon mentioned sodium nitrate on the packaging!

I will keep you posted on the new challenge if i hear anything more about it!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

GCSE Results Day!!!!

Phew glad today is over - we were up and at the school gates by 7-45 this morning, surrounded by nervous hyper girls and within minutes we had the brown envelope in our hands!!

Well results not quite as predicted/expected - she did well in the higher papers she took and not so well inthe lower papers, she got her Science she needed for her college entry and is 1 point off her second English (£60 to re mark) She was also graded a B for her Art prior to official results by the school and they came back today as a D along with the majority of the other pupils! So we have spent alot of today talking to teachers and trying to suss out what has happened it seems that the whole lot of them have got much lower marks than they should and they are sending them all back as a job lot to re mark!! Why cant they just get it right to save all this stress and upset for the kids????

Needless to say my goals have not been met today!!!! Along with clients and all the above I have not had time to do my workouts although I have cleaned the house for 2 hours!!

We are camping over the weekend so hoping for some sunshine.....

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Had a good day today, went shopping with my daughter which was fun, we also went to Ikea and had fun building a storag eunit fo rher bedroom when we got home!

I have done 2 simple workouts today of: 21's

21 squats followed by 21 pushups working back to 0

21 shoulder press followed by 21 lunges working back to 0

Food has been ok too!

Monday reporting in

Ok reporting in for day 1 of my promise to blog each day!

Today exercise wise i went for a 60 min walk with a client which was nice and got a good sweat on as it was so humid and we walked quite fast including some good hills! I also did one quick bodyweight circuit too!

Water i think i did half of my quota (not good) I will do better!!

Met a friend for lunch and the options were limited so didnt do too well on food overall, I had a cajun chicken baguette (luckily the mayo was in a seperate pot) and I only ate a quarter of the bread but i still got the bloating afterwards so i paid for it - the only other choices were big meals though and i didnt want that!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Egg cellent!!!!!!!! Not

Sadly the fox got our chickens (well left the 1 legged one that doesnt lay) and for the first time in ages I have had to buy eggs, I bought free range organic ones and had 2 for my brekkie this am - I have forgotten how bland and tasteless shop bought eggs are, I thought with them being organic FR they wouldnt be too different from our own chickens eggs but they tasted on nothing at all and in fact I couldnt even finish them so I cant wait to get some new chickens and have our lovely fresh eggs back again!

I have been terrible this week on reflection and feel bloated and cross with myself.

Tomorrow is a new week and I have to get back on track or my goal for the September wedding will come and go with me not fitting into the dress I wanted to fit into for my holidays!! It is strange I was sooooo disciplined on the 30 in 30 challenge but I have not got that same motivation at the moment! I must find it NOW!!

My goal for the week ahead is to post on here every day, eat as well as I can and exercise twice a day!! So feel free to give me a virtual mouthful if i dont stick to that!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


where do the days go - just realised I havent posted since Monday. The days are flying by it wont be long before the summer hols are over and the kids are back at school - whilst I love the lazy days of not having to get school sorted I do kinda miss the routine, the gym is right next to school drop off so I tend to go as I'm there, I havent been to the gym all summer but have relied on home workouts which are fine and do the same thing - I just like the gym atmosphere!

I did a great workout Monday night with my friend which is always a laugh at the same time, again it was a bodyweight routine with some dumbell stuff too and my stomach has been killing me ever since we did as part of the routine some 21's which consisted off push ups and ab crunches you start at 21 of each then work your way back to 0 - that is alot of reps and of course you could do it with any combination of exercises.

I seem to be maintaining my weight at the mo - not losing it so I need to up my game a bit really - I think it is the lack of routine that is putting me out at the mo, I have clients on hol, some cancelling due to illness and some swapping times so I am all over the place - goal to get back on track next week although it is still a bit disrupted until September now!

Yesterday was a lovely hot day - the weather guys got it right for once and I managed to get about an hour outside reading my fitness magazine! It was lovely and reminded me of being back on holiday - today is not so nice grrrrr!

Tonight there is a world record attempt of fireworks going off on Bournemouth Seafront between the piers which we are hoping to go and see - they are planning to let of 110,000 fireworks in 60seconds should be great as long as it doesnt rain!! We have also booked a camping trip for BH weekend which is also my birthday so I am again hoping for sunshine!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Quick easy workout

I have been asked to post up a workout i mentioned last week it is a quick bodyweight workout but really hits the spot! A colleague of mine put it on her site as her workout of the day! So thanks Charlie x so anyone interested give it a try and when you ache afterwards thank Charlie not me ha ha xx

30 secs Burpees
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees
30 secs skipping or hi knee run
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats (your level)
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunge alt legs
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs tricep press-up

30 secs rest.



Friday, 14 August 2009

Feeling better

thank goodness, cold finally clearing up! I did my first workout of the week yesterday and found it quite tough, clearly my cold has taken more out of me than i thought. Still i worked up a good sweat and am feeling the doms today, It was a pyramid set of bodyweight exercises that a colleauge of mine posted up on her site and i thought i'd give that a go - she ended the routine with a little he he after it and now i know why!! Thanks Charlie xx I finished it up with some valslide exercises - I'm loving these simple little tools very effective!

Food wise i havent really stuck to anything specific yet so will aim to track my carb intake next week, we had home made lasagne with veg last night which wasnt really on my plan but was yummy!!

Today I have been better having had eggs and ham for brekkie and some fruit and nuts so far! think it will ne homemade thai chicken curry with a little brown rice for dinner! my fave xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Not such a good start .....

.... have come down with a stinking cold arghhhhhh!! Really annoyed as I rarely get ill with anything, no doubt caught on the plane on way home with all that air con blowing germs around everywhere!! The night we got back my throat felt a little scratchy and it took until Monday night to come out into a full blown cold and of course you cant go anywhere without everyone telling you its Swine flu blah blah blah - No i have a cold thats all but it is making me feel rubbish and have tried to eat healthily but have succumbed to a quick fix snack of chocolate yesterday and havent felt up to working out, just did a few rounds of a bodyweight workout and just didnt have the energy and cant breathe so gave up!

Hoping to feel better and get going tomorrow x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tomorrow is the start of a new countdown

and I want to see if I can better the 6lb lost last month on my 30 in 30 challenge. I plan to use a combination of full body weight training, HIIT, Dax's training plans plus a variety of my own bodyweight circuits including kettlebells and valslides too!

Dietwise I am going to eat as ED friendly as possible but allowing myself 1 cup of tea daily, I will eliminate sugar/alcohol and wheat and processed foods, I will also follow the wave and carb cycle to some extent too although I may play around with this as it didnt do wonders for me last time.

I am setting myself the challenge of 8lbs for the next 4 weeks and see if i can beat the 6lb loss by 2lb - yes simple maths even I got that little sum right!!

Luckily i must have been carrying a lb of plane bloat as I was down a further 1lb today which means i only actually gained 1lb from my weeks blow out!!

Ooh looking forward to a new challenge............

Friday, 7 August 2009

I'm back........ and had a real week off!!!

Ok I'm back and have confessions! My intentions of being Ed friendly on holiday lasted um well until I got to the airport for departure! We had a 7 hour delay and believe me being stuck in Bournemouth airport for that amount of time with absolutely nothing to do is very very boring!! We got given 2 lots of vouchers for food as the delay kept getting longer! There were no healthy food choices there at all so I had a sandwich (white bread!!!!!!!!!!) but did only drink water!! I imediately felt the bloat from the bread having not had any for months now!

We eventually arrived in Malaga at 5.45am and the car hire people had gone and left a note saying back at 7am so we had yet more delays and eventually got to our apartment at 8.30am totally shattered!

My promise to myself to not drink calories I kept by only drinking water other than 2 cocktails I had at our favourite cocktail bar right on Puerto Banus beach - they are just lovely!! and of course full of calories!! I also ate french bread/cheese and pate had 1 ice cream and some pasta so all in all I was very naughty! I weighed in this morning and was 2lb up so all in all I was ok with that as I really didnt try very hard at all! 2lbs to get off shouldnt be too tough next week!

What a posey place PB is! everyone is so up themselves! the money there is unreal, and everyone tries to out do each other! Every other car is a Ferrari or Lamborghini usually driven by short bald blokes but nice to look at (the cars that is) the women are dripping in designer gear and the men in rolex etc etc we go for the weather and ease of getting htere plus my friend owns a place there so for us it is easy! I wouldnt say it is a chilled out relaxing place to be though!!

We had wall to wall sunshine which was great and our own little bit of excitement when we discovered Katie Price was staying in our community! We are out side of PB in a gated community and we were chilling by the pool one afternoon when one of the little boys came running in saying a topless KP was in the next pool! Of course none of us believed him. My daughter and her friend ran off to investigate and came back highly excited saying it was her, but her hairdresser had turned them away.

With her new book in hand we went back to the pool via the back entrance and sat ourselves on the edge of the pool and there she was in just a thong right opposite us! Now love her or hate her it is just very weird to be in the same pool as someone as famous as she is (all beit for the wrong reasons) she has had her fair share of press recently and this trip was no different with a neighbour in the next apartment selling their pics to the sun! those are the ones that appeared this week! She signed the girls books for them which made their holiday and we swan in the pool a bot more then returned to our pool - there is only so much time you can get away with staring at a celeb and she's not really my idea of an icon although we did all watch her TV show!!

The rest of our hol was just spent reading books and relaxing, a week goes so quickly and I cant believe I am now home!

Next week (Monday) is the start of round 2 of losing some more pounds including the extra 2 that have crept back up! I will be mainly ED compliant but may try a month of eating for my bio type just to test out the course I went on! I will post more on this as several people are interested!

Exercise wise I will go back to some HIIT and weights with 1 of Dax's workouts as an extra daily!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Just a quick update - am off on holiday so wont be posting for the next week or so! I am going to try to stick to healthy eating and am takin gmy valslides on hol with me to do some exercise whilst away.

This week has not been good - totm has com eearly and i've been on a great bio typing course! Interesting actually as for my type the diet goes against everything i've just done on this 30 day plan! May try it when i get back for a month to compare my results!!

See you soon everyone xxx

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm still here...

Although I have had a manic weekend which was very stressful hence no exercise and food not to plan so will post propely tomorrow when everything s back on track!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Life after the challenge...

This week has been manic for me, I had a course, hair appointment and work which has taken up nearly all of my week!

Today my daughter and I went shopping and got some new things for our holiday! Still not going to be happy in my bikini's but better than a few weeks ago at least.

I have walked around for hours today, got a thumping headache so exercise has been not to plan!

Tomorrow I am going to go to the gym and also fit in a Dax special workout too!

Diet wise I am trying to eat ED mainly although I have added in a little milk in my tea and my protein powder which I add to my Greek yog and fat free quark.

I am looking forward to getting back to some weight training gym style but think I might be a little sore afterwards!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The End!! I'll be back...............

Days 29 and 30!

Yesterday - busy as usual on a Monday! nothing to report really, workouts and food standard!

The last day and I was on a course all day (a very boring mandatory training day) I couldnt do my 3 workouts and will only have time to do one tonight!! May make it a combo of 2 to make up a bit time wise although it wont have the magic effects! Food was supposed to be a final fast day today but I knew being stuck in a NHS building for 9 hours was not going to be practical as I wouldnt be able to concentrate and my stomach rumbling would have been embarrassing so will do one tomorrow instead! So the question is what to do next! I still want to lose a further 20lbs or so and therefore will continue to blog and track my progress and I intend to keep most of the ED principles but allowing for a few additions! My cup of tea will return but limited to 2 a day max! I am not going to re introduce bread as I have managed to live without it. Sugar will be excluded wherever possible. I may still cycle my carb intake but whether I do it the wave way or not I'm not sure! I dont know that it had the greatest effect on my results so I may play around with some other options and see what happens! I might also keep one fast day a week too if I can play around with the day so I'm not working! I found it much easier on a day off than when with clients!

So final results: 6lbs loss on scale weight! Not a great result and way off 30lbs but its still down and makes a difference clothes wise!

12.75 inches lost overall though which in 30 days isnt too bad at all so I am quite happy with that!!

So keep reading and lets see what the next 30 days brings................

Exercise wise - 3 daily workouts arent practical for me to do full time but I will try do add some of dax's in whre I can on top of my regular weights program and HIIT maybe the combination will work and some more pounds will drop!