Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Just a quick update - am off on holiday so wont be posting for the next week or so! I am going to try to stick to healthy eating and am takin gmy valslides on hol with me to do some exercise whilst away.

This week has not been good - totm has com eearly and i've been on a great bio typing course! Interesting actually as for my type the diet goes against everything i've just done on this 30 day plan! May try it when i get back for a month to compare my results!!

See you soon everyone xxx

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm still here...

Although I have had a manic weekend which was very stressful hence no exercise and food not to plan so will post propely tomorrow when everything s back on track!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Life after the challenge...

This week has been manic for me, I had a course, hair appointment and work which has taken up nearly all of my week!

Today my daughter and I went shopping and got some new things for our holiday! Still not going to be happy in my bikini's but better than a few weeks ago at least.

I have walked around for hours today, got a thumping headache so exercise has been not to plan!

Tomorrow I am going to go to the gym and also fit in a Dax special workout too!

Diet wise I am trying to eat ED mainly although I have added in a little milk in my tea and my protein powder which I add to my Greek yog and fat free quark.

I am looking forward to getting back to some weight training gym style but think I might be a little sore afterwards!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The End!! I'll be back...............

Days 29 and 30!

Yesterday - busy as usual on a Monday! nothing to report really, workouts and food standard!

The last day and I was on a course all day (a very boring mandatory training day) I couldnt do my 3 workouts and will only have time to do one tonight!! May make it a combo of 2 to make up a bit time wise although it wont have the magic effects! Food was supposed to be a final fast day today but I knew being stuck in a NHS building for 9 hours was not going to be practical as I wouldnt be able to concentrate and my stomach rumbling would have been embarrassing so will do one tomorrow instead! So the question is what to do next! I still want to lose a further 20lbs or so and therefore will continue to blog and track my progress and I intend to keep most of the ED principles but allowing for a few additions! My cup of tea will return but limited to 2 a day max! I am not going to re introduce bread as I have managed to live without it. Sugar will be excluded wherever possible. I may still cycle my carb intake but whether I do it the wave way or not I'm not sure! I dont know that it had the greatest effect on my results so I may play around with some other options and see what happens! I might also keep one fast day a week too if I can play around with the day so I'm not working! I found it much easier on a day off than when with clients!

So final results: 6lbs loss on scale weight! Not a great result and way off 30lbs but its still down and makes a difference clothes wise!

12.75 inches lost overall though which in 30 days isnt too bad at all so I am quite happy with that!!

So keep reading and lets see what the next 30 days brings................

Exercise wise - 3 daily workouts arent practical for me to do full time but I will try do add some of dax's in whre I can on top of my regular weights program and HIIT maybe the combination will work and some more pounds will drop!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Weekend Days 27 & 28

Not a very exciting weekend, spent getting holiday things together and sorting my clothes! Still a bit disappointed with my poor results as my dresses I wanted for hol are unlikely to fit now! I have 10 days left so there is a small chance one will fit if i lose a bit more! I certainly wil try!

Food was as usual over the weekend eggs,chicken, nuts, veg and salad!

Workouts were to plan!

Only 2 days left now! Cant believe it - it has really gone quickly towards the end!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 26 Fast no 3

OMG today was really really hard! I have felt a bit off for a few days and not 100% - I had a client first thing and my stomach rumbled throughout her entire session!!! This happened the last 2 times and I wasnt worried as previously it stopped after the first litre or so of water, today however it carried on, I drank several fruit teas as I hoped the hot drink would help but no and my other clients today got the same effect - one said it sounded like distant thunder! It was really uncomfortable and not at all like the last 2 fasts! Whether it had anything to do with not feeling quite right or not I dont know but I ended it a little early as I began to feel a bit sick, dinner was chicken skewer with pepper and onion and mayo less coleslaw! cashew nuts as a snack!

Workouts all ok today, cantbelieve we only have 4 days left!! Strangely although I am looking forward to it ending in some ways I will miss it too!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 24 & 25 ****ed off!!

Have decided to post these 2 days together as nothing out of the ordinary to report. Day 24 was manic for me, worked lots and had very little spare time, had a low energy day and just ticked along with the food and workouts.

Day 25 although not over yet, started on a downer as my results are exactly the same!!!!!!!!! Well 1/2" loss from my right arm and that is it - despite a fast! To say I feel ****ed off is an understatement. I knew from a little way in I was never going to hit the 30lb mark but I was really hopeful for a minimum of a stone or 14lbs to date I am still at 6lbs! Which is really no more than the standard 2lb a week loss which many can do by just following a calorie restricted diet! I cantblame anything or anyone its just my body not playing the game! But it doesnt help with motivation and I do feel a bit miserable today!!

I'm going to make this post short and sweet as I dont have anything positive to say other than we got the new workout today! phew not an easy one! I note again that my upper body is not as strong as lower body as 1 of the exercises I found really quite tough! More practice needed there then!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 23 - 7 to go!!!! woohoo

Only 1 week left - 7 days - 168hrs not that I'm counting lol. Seriously it will be weird when this is all over it has taken up so much time and been pretty full on for the last few weeks. I will defintaly keep up as many aspects as I can, I will go back to my usual weights routines (I've missed my deadlifts and RDL's etc) I will keep up some of the metabolic workouts - they will seem more fun again like in the beginning when they are done by choice and not necessity.

I am really looking forward to what will probably be our last new workout on this plan! We will no doubt get "Daxed" one last time!

Workouts today have been normal, I did the meltdown first thing which was a good blast to start me off for the day, then the DB Matrix (my fave) think will be the power circuit tonight!

Food today hasnt been very good as we need to get shopping, so it has been eggs and ham, cashews, more eggs and ham and that is it so far, not sure what is for dinner yet (very unplanned and unprepared day as no food in the house) Prob very under cals today and feeling a tad hungry now so better go and find something to snack on then sort out dinner!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Fast no 2 on Day 22

Here we go again................. actually it is easier than i ever thought it would be! If you know you just arent going to eat until a specific time you kinda just get on with it! It is a busy work day for me so i was kept busy! I felt hungry at lunchtime but went to see a friend and had a fruit tea and more water!!

Dinner was at 5pm so I had eggs and ham! Didnt actually really fancy much, I was hungry but whereas in the past if i've let myself get really hungry it feels like you have to make up for it by eating twice as much, this deosnt seem to happen. I am quite content on my small dinner and may have a snack after work later too!

Results were a further 2lb down so that is now 6lb in total since the start of this plan and 10lb total weight loss for me since starting the ED about 6-8 weeks ago!

Will be happy to lose another 2-3lbs which takes me below 140lb!! Then continuing this on a more relaxed basis until reaching my goal of about 120lbs!

It seems many of us are hoping to keep in touch and keep posting until we get to our goals which I think is a great idea! Its nice to have the support from each other and also we are the only ones that really knows just how tough this has been! It has been no walk in the park I can tell you!

I think there will be 1 or 2 clear winners on the pounds lost front but actually I think all of us on this plan are winners as we have proved that we can stick to a tough regime and stil get results even if not the ones we had hoped for!

Off to work again now......... until tomorrow :-)

Sunday Day 21

Again nothing really to report here so this will be short and sweet.

I was disappointed that we didnt get the new workout but have since learnt that we need a video demo for it as it is very complicated!

Carb up day wasnt so exciting today it was mainly strawberries with my yog, and a few new potatoes with my chicken and veg for dinner. I ate it early at about 5 as I didnt want to go too long tomorrow before dinner!

We went to the cinema in the evening to see Bruno! OMG how he is still alive I dont know!! Funny and weird film!

Watched everyone around me with their popcorn, coke and sweets! (Not keen on any really - although have been know in the past to be partial to a few maltesers!!)

Went to bed quite hungry as I had eaten so early.............

Saturday, 11 July 2009

20 days in .....

.... and nothing to report today, just another normal day. Feeling tired today - the energy seems to come and go in patterns very much like the wave diet we are doing!

Tomorrow is carb up day before Mondays second fast! Tomorrow will be a good day, I have some lovely juicy strawberries waiting for me for brekkie!

Workouts below par today, so hoping to have an early night and renewed energy tomorrow! We were supposed to get a new workout today so hopefully it will be posted in time for tomorrow! I will try to do 4 workouts again tomorrow to make up for it - along with a whole day of housework!!

10 more days to go!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Just a normal Day 19

I wondered how I would feel today after yesterdays fast - I thought I may be hungry all day and that my body may try to make up for the lack of food yesterday but it was just like normal, in fact I felt really good and quite energetic!

I have had a manic day today with 2 new clients and also my regular ones plus fitting in the exercise and kids! I have to say the house is suffering it needs a good clean and tidy!! Oh well something has to give and that is it i'm afraid - will try to catch up over the weekend.

Todays food was my standard lo carb day of eggs/ham, chicken and salad and nuts! I did have 2 strawberries as they smelt so good and had them with nuts so hopefully not too bad!

Workouts completed, looking forward to a new one on Saturday!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Faster faster faster!!!!

Some new pics taken today, still got the muffin top!!! Needs to go! Not sure if there is much difference at all really!!

Well in fact it wasnt too bad! The shopping definately helped, although the worrying thing was that I had thoughts of all the bad foods that I havent eaten for ages now!
Chocolate, cakes, sweets etc and I seemed to be surrounded by them. This hasnt bothered me at all until today and i think for the first time i actually had a craving to go off track! I didnt of course and i think it was only because i was hungry!

I made it until 5-30 and had grilled chicken breast and salad!

I do have a headache now though and feel tired! I have one more session to do in a mo then an early night for me!!

Hope Day 18 goes FAST!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear think the lack of food is effecting me already!!! Yes FAST day has arrived, I have actually been quite busy so far today which has helped but I am just starting to feel the first rumbles going on and trying to ignore them!!

Today was re measure day! I am back to 4lbs down still very slow loss in weight but I feel smaller than that! I have lost a further 3" in size though mainly from waist, abdomen and hips!

I am going to put in maximum effort for the last of this plan! I have been working hard but I can put in more effort, I can push eavier weights, I can try to go that little bit faster.

I am going to do workout 2 in a mo then I'm taking my daughter shopping to West Quay for the afternoon hoping the clothes shopping will take my mind of eating or the lack of it! Roll on 5-30pm!! Actually its only 4 1/2 hours to go!!

More later............

Yummy yummy Day 17

Cant believe 17 days have gone by already! Today is carb day woohoo it now seems like a treat day! I started off with some lovely sweet strawberries with greek yog! I had some raspberries and a few nuts, Lunch was a salmon fillet and salad with some cherry tomatoes! More strawberries and yog, Dinner was a tablespoon of brown rice and thai green chicken curry! Yum - it is kind of strange that all that good healthy food is now seen as such a treat! I know a few of us are feeling like that too!

I made the most of my food today as tomorrow is FAST day! I was working in the evening so I had to have an early dinner which makes it easier tomorrow as it means dinner will come around sooner!!

Workouts were fine! I am definately finding my shoulder strength has improved, the weights i chose to perform the many shoulder press we do felt hard at first - for a while actually but I noticed today that they actually feel a bit lighter! So i may increase them or definately push for more reps!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 16

Still feeling rubbish! Still have the horrible stomach cramps - hoping it will ease tomorrow!

We have been given our secret weapon today - I knew this was going to appear at some point and it is based on Eat Stop Eat fasting!

It does mean you get to eat on the day you fast but it is for 24 hours! So we eat our dinner as usual then the next day we fast until dinner time again! I have read alot about this and get Brad's newsletters but never been brave enough to try it!

Psycologically I think I will find it hard to mentally switch off from the mindset of having to eat especially as this whole plan revolves around eating regularly so far! But I have been preparing myself and Thursday is our first fast day! I need to plan to keep busy.

Today I havent felt up to much and still have 1 workout to go, I need to go get on with it now as its getting late! Food has been eggs, ham, salmon and veg for dinner and nuts.

Too much info for Day 15

Well the good news is that we are half way through now! The bad news for me is TOTM has arrived! I'm hoping that in a few days results will show again and constantly show for the next 2 remaining weeks! Today I look pregnant! I feel so bloated and uncomfortable. Strangely my boobs measured 1" down yet they were spilling out of my sports bra from being so bloaty!! No surprises that I weighed more too! I'm just ignoring it and putting it down to TOTM!!

Nature is a funny thing, because of the diet my PMS symptoms were less severe and my usual chocolate craving was easily bypassed. I did feel the need for something sweet os had 2 strawberries (not really allowed on no carb day - but better than choc)! However I have had the worst stomach ache ever! Really crampy and horrible - which is unusual as my symptoms are always prior to not during!

Food was standard - eggs, chicken, veg, salad! nuts!!
Exercise was: Hard!!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

4 Workouts for Day 14

Well after yesterdays not so great workouts I promised myself I'd do 4 to make up for it! So today I have done the 3 as instructed plus the DB Matrix plus some gardening so I am going to treat myself to a nice hot bath in a bit as I am shattered!!

I think in total I have done well over 1000 reps today (There are over 600 in the pyramid alone)!!

Food as usual on no carb days a little boring, eggs and ham for brekkie and lunch, chicken with runner beans, courgette, tenderstem brocolli, cauliflower and normal brocolli for dinner, with nuts as snacks! I have added it all up and way under for todays cals! Not too worried as i think I prob had over yesterday!

The weather has cooled a bit but it seems to make no difference to the how hot i get during the workouts!! You really do have to be committed to this whole routine - getting hot and sweaty 3 x per day is not very social and does take an effort with showers and hair washing etc - I feel I have looked a mess for the last 2 weeks - always in workout gear with hair up and no make up! Nice!!

We are nearly half way there now!! I am a little worried I wont even make a stone lost! 14lbs should be easy as only half what is expected but unless it suddenly drops off me I cant see it happening! Tomorrow is weigh in day with measurements! I feel really bloated think TOTM is about to happen so I doubt i'll get a loss more likely a gain so that wont be great for the motivation!! You men dont know how lucky you are!!!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Rollercoaster Day 13

No two days during this plan are the same, today I felt wiped out again after such a high energy day yesterday! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

Workout 1 I couldnt beat my time, my ankle is really hurting - started last night think i ran down the stairs and twisted it slightly so i felt it on todays workouts!

Workouts 2 & 3 completed too! Food was ok not stocked up on shopping yet - just been so hectic so i had left over raspberries from the last carb day which were really past their best! Greek yog, turkey salad with jacket spud, and for dinner chicken tikka dry with a small portion of brown rice and veg!

Today was my daughters prom and I had a stressful afternoon doing her hair and dealing with a hysterical teenager when the car they'd booked didnt show - luckily a good friend came to the rescue and drove them down in his new BMW and dressed up in a suit for them too!! Thanks E x

She looked beautiful and I was very proud of her!

I feel like i've eaten loads today in comparison to the other days so glad weigh in isnt until Monday!

Tomorrow as I feel my workouts today were not up to scratch I am planning to do all 4 workouts spread throughout the day - hopefully i will get a good result on Monday!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Happy Days - Day 12

After a night of really no sleep - it was just over hot, I felt like I was on fire when i went to bed just couldnt get cool, probably partly due to the fact I did workout 3 quite late and my shower didnt do the job of cooling me down I woke up in a great mood and excited to see the new workout for today! So my first job of the day was to check our new workout!!

There it was - again Dax has come up with a routine that is very different from my usual routines and I absolutely love it! I watched the accompanying instructional clips and was really looking forward to giving it a go after just the first few exercises, this time the moves are much slower and more controlled whilst still following his major principle of training which guarantees a great calorie burn. Some of the moves are very challenging for the unflexible but just up my street, I am very flexible to the point of being hyper flexible which must have helped me with the last 3 exercises - I finished feeling fantastic and really energised!

Actually I think I'm a little hyper today, not sure why as no carbs - managing to get them to about 6 or 7% of the days totals, food for today has been better than yesterday, eggs again for breakfast with ham, nice lunch of spinach leaf salad, cucumber, and a ready roasted chicken from waitrose. Not sure what to have for dinner though.......

The second workout is getting progressively harder - it was up till now my favourite but now it has well and truly been taken over by the new one! I wonder if i'll feel it tomorrow??

I did sneak on the scales this morning - I know its supposed to be only Mondays and Thursdays but I wanted to see another loss as its been so slow until now! and another lb had dropped away! woohoo!!! Still only 4lbs in 11 days but that isnt too bad for me and it did make me smile!! Wont do it again until Monday now - promise :-) x

OMG Its carb day tomorrow double woohoo!!! Hope I still feel so happy tomorrow!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh the anticipation... Day 11

Well to say I was disappointed this morning was an understatement, 1lb down since Monday and 1.5" lost overall since Monday too! Yes its a loss but my body is clinging to its fat with dear life!

Many of the others have done really well and lost loads of lbs and inches which is great and I'm so pleased for them but it does make me feel kinda inadequate! There are a couple of others in a similar situation to me so at least I'm not alone but there is nothing more I can do but wait and see what happens!

I am following the diet to a T and performing all 3 workouts to my max - must say thanks to my sis Jools who has been a major support and encouragement through this and helped me with my timing, makes it a little less lonely with a friendly face for one workout a day! Thanks Chick xx

Surprisingly though even though I was a bit fed up earlier it didnt last and I got on with my day and despite the heat, day 2 of no carbs and low results I feel quite cheerful now and sort of enjoyed my exercise! Think we've got a new one tomorrow which will be cool!

Food for today has been very boring, need to go shopping so not alot in and had eggs for brekkie and lunch, I did pop to shops and bought some nice organic lean steak for dinner with some tenderstem brocolli, runner beans and courgette! I'm not big red meat eater but nice to have a change after all the chicken!!

Whilst on the thank you's I must say thanks to all that have been posting comments - it is so nice to receive them and know people are taking the time to read my ramblings!! THANK YOU!!!

Time soon for dinner and workout 3!! Over and out!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hot Hot Hot!!! Day 10

As someone posted today a third of the way through!!!

Am finding today hard, it is just so hot! everything is an effort even just day to day things, the workouts were just hard! I did the first one as soon as I got up which i always find hard as i have no fuel in the tank, and with the heat just no energy! I managed them all but didnt break any records! I did the second about an hour ago and it was still nasty!!

I was jealous of the ones working out in Dax's air conditioned studio for a minute or two but then thought no he'd be whipping their ****es!

Food for today has been just fuel, I'm not hungry at all, eggs for brekkie with ham, more eggs for lunch with organic chipolata and mushrooms and nuts to snack on. Dinner will be marinated turkey kebabs with mushroom, courgette and pepper on the skewer with salad!

Am still remembering how much i enjoyed yesterdays food and hoping that will keep me going for the next 2 days! When On Saturday I can do it all over again!!

Oooh weigh in and measure tomorrow! the suspense and build up begins........................