Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nutrition for the 30 days ahead

So for anyone following the challenge that is to start on the 1st January you may be wondering what the Elimination diet is all about!

This is Dax Moys creation and is a diet that has been used world wide with great effect and now forms the nutritional element of many Personal Trainers prescription!

You can go to his site and download a copy for yourself if you want to try it out! But for anyone just interested basically you eliminate anything processed, all sugars and alcohol, wheat, dairy (other than butter and live yoghurt) so you may be wondering what you can eat.................

Vegetables of all shapes, colours and sizes - I actually crave veg if I havent eaten it for a few days and it is something that I always look forward to when I've been away especially to the states where veg is far and few between at restaurants!
There are so many different varieties you could never get bored!

Yum!! Mouthwatering juicy fruits again so many different colours and textures all bursting with goodness - raspberries are my ultimate favourite and became my sweet indulgence with greek yog whilst on the plan last time!

Lean meats, fish and eggs - luckily we have chickens so we get fresh eggs everyday and there is no doubt that they taste a milllion times better than shop bought ones! An egg = a complete meal in a shell!!

                                                Nuts and seeds - great for snacking on along with a piece of fruit!     Good fats actually help our bodies to lose fat!!

Water, water and more water - I will be drinking approx 3litres a day - along with a slice of lemon!

I can guarantee that the items that wont be entering the diet for the next 30 days are those from the picture below! Colourful yes but also artifical and full of chemicals and fat!

I felt great last time I did this and am looking forward to getting rid of the Xmas bloat and filling my fridge with lovely fresh colourful healthy foods!

What do you cut out of your diet and why? what do you think could you not live without??

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here I go again....................

Just signed up for a re run fo Dax's fat loss challenge - for any regular readers you will remember that I did this last summer and lost about 6lbs and 12 inches in 30 days - It is kicking off again under the new name of Meltdown on the 1st January!! So this time I am hoping to kick arse and get some fab results! My OH is 30 at the end of May so I want to look super hot for that occasion so that is my overall goal for this year that gives me 5 months to get there so Dax's program should hopefully give me a great start!!

This time round we will be working out 4 times a day which is one up from the 3 we did last summer - hmmmm a challenging prospect time to get myself super organised I think!! I am really looking forward to it though especially after relaxing my diet over Xmas and feeling the results of that! Actually I have had hardly any alcohol probably only about 3 or 4 drinks over the last few weeks but I have had a couple of desserts and of course some chocolates along with cheeses etc and although I havent eaten any larger quantities than normal just having the rich foods and not drinking the extra water to go along with it has left me feeling really sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable - everything is tight again and it serves as a great reminder why this time of year is so bad for us! I have tried to moderate what I have done but even so I still feel rubbish for it so I am really looking forward to losing that discomfort by eating clean fresh foods!!

Please keep reading and supporting through this challenge it does really help me along when I know people are out there! In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year - make 2010 your best yet!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

12 Tips of Xmas

1.   Drink that water - 8-10 glasses a day minimum (it will help to flush away those nasty toxins from any naughty treats you may indulge in over the festive period!!

2. Avoid buffets where possible just a few of those cocktail sausages and vol au vents will add up to many calories - try eating soemthing before you go and then just choose wisely!

3.  Watch those bowls of nuts - whilst the raw unsalted varieties are very good for you they are still high in calories and the salted roasted ones are even worse!! Plus you never know who has washed their hands before digging in!!

4.  Try to do 1 thing every day to work towards your goal whethe rit be a walk a short workout or having 1 less glass of wine!

5.  No time for the gym with all those parties and family do's - make yourself a short 15 minute home workout using bodyweight exercises and repeat for time!

6,  Enjoy yourself and have those treats but just have one - dont take the attitude that I've had one so 3 more wont hurt - youre not missing out if you enjoy one of your favourite festive treats 1 mince pie in the tum is much better than 3 mince pies on the waist line!!

7.  Do something active with the family over Xmas even if its just taking part in a WII sports game it still burns some calories and is better than just crashing out in front of another episode of Eastenders!

8.  Enjoy all those lovely veggies with your Xmas dinner - fill your plate with those good for you filling veggies then there wil be less room on your plate for the roasties and other goodies - yes I know theyre the yummy bits but you will be thankful when your trying to work them off in the New Year!

9.  Dont put off tomorrow what you can do today - there is still time to lose a few lbs before the big day!

10.  Mix your wine with diet soda to make a lovely refreshing spritzer - it will take you longer to drink and come in at half the calories!!

11. Another workout tip if you cant do your usual 60 min workout then work out twice as hard for 30 mins!!

12. Get your Zzzzzzz's you wil then feel refreshed and ready to take on the big day!!!

Have fun!!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

New years Resolutions! Out of date????

This is something that when related ot health & fitness should not even be an option as we should be working towards our goals all year round however year after year gyms take on new members all wanting to start the new year by losing weight! I have set myself a goal of losing just 4lbs by Xmas so that my New Years Goals will not be as high!

I am also going to do just 1 little thing everyday over the festive period to work towards them too whether it be just a quick 15 mins workout or making wise choices with nutrition - everyone wants to have a great Xmas and New Year celebrations but is there really any excuse for letting all your ideas and principles go?

What do you guys think? will you be setting New Years resolutions? or will you carry on with your own goals throughout?


Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday Fun - 15 Random facts about me!

So just for fun I thought I would share some random facts about me - this is something that many of my PT colleagues do on their ning sites and it is always a good read! That does mean though that anyone who reads this has to share 15 facts about themselves too!  It would be great to find out a little more about my readers and put a little more info to the name or face!! 

I cant wait to read what you guys come up with so please add your replies in the comments section below!

Dont be shy now :-)

Ok back to me - hope I can think of things that arent too boring xx

  1. I have 3 brothers all of whom I've never lived with - 1 lives in Canada, 1 in Australia and the other in Scotland! (Do you think they are trying to tell me something??)
  2. I was absolutely useless at sport at school and took every opportuntiy to get out of it so it came as a surprise to me when I found I loved exercise in later life and made it my career!
  3. I love going to the zoo - elephants, wild cats and meer cats are my favourites!
  4. I have swum with Dolphins - another of my favourite creatures!
  5. I absolutely crave vegetables and it is the first thing I want when I get back from a holiday a meal with a good plate of veggies especially brocolli!
  6. I have a clothes obsession and am a little anal about my wardrobe and hang everything in colour range and style etc!! - I'm a Virgo thats my excuse!
  7. I also have an underwear obsession and have over 60 sets of matching undies!!! Lots of which are in the wrong size and dont even fit me!!!!
  8. I often talk in my sleep!
  9. My favourite exercise is the squat and its many adaptations!
  10. I am super flexible and my arms, shoulders and knees do things they really shouldnt!
  11. I still like watching Disney films luckily my daughter has the same tastes and will watch them too!
  12. I kind of find Simon Cowell strangely attractive and the money/power thing has never done it for me before!! - odd as I dont find him remotely attractive on a looks basis!!
  13. I built my own house 2 years ago and sorted everything that went into doing so!
  14. I could eat a giant bar of chocolate and not be sick!
  15. I left school at the age of 15 and worked full time before I was 16 - I was the youngest in my year with a end of Aug birthday!!
Ok over to you guys.........................................