Thursday, 27 August 2009

GCSE Results Day!!!!

Phew glad today is over - we were up and at the school gates by 7-45 this morning, surrounded by nervous hyper girls and within minutes we had the brown envelope in our hands!!

Well results not quite as predicted/expected - she did well in the higher papers she took and not so well inthe lower papers, she got her Science she needed for her college entry and is 1 point off her second English (£60 to re mark) She was also graded a B for her Art prior to official results by the school and they came back today as a D along with the majority of the other pupils! So we have spent alot of today talking to teachers and trying to suss out what has happened it seems that the whole lot of them have got much lower marks than they should and they are sending them all back as a job lot to re mark!! Why cant they just get it right to save all this stress and upset for the kids????

Needless to say my goals have not been met today!!!! Along with clients and all the above I have not had time to do my workouts although I have cleaned the house for 2 hours!!

We are camping over the weekend so hoping for some sunshine.....

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Had a good day today, went shopping with my daughter which was fun, we also went to Ikea and had fun building a storag eunit fo rher bedroom when we got home!

I have done 2 simple workouts today of: 21's

21 squats followed by 21 pushups working back to 0

21 shoulder press followed by 21 lunges working back to 0

Food has been ok too!

Monday reporting in

Ok reporting in for day 1 of my promise to blog each day!

Today exercise wise i went for a 60 min walk with a client which was nice and got a good sweat on as it was so humid and we walked quite fast including some good hills! I also did one quick bodyweight circuit too!

Water i think i did half of my quota (not good) I will do better!!

Met a friend for lunch and the options were limited so didnt do too well on food overall, I had a cajun chicken baguette (luckily the mayo was in a seperate pot) and I only ate a quarter of the bread but i still got the bloating afterwards so i paid for it - the only other choices were big meals though and i didnt want that!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Egg cellent!!!!!!!! Not

Sadly the fox got our chickens (well left the 1 legged one that doesnt lay) and for the first time in ages I have had to buy eggs, I bought free range organic ones and had 2 for my brekkie this am - I have forgotten how bland and tasteless shop bought eggs are, I thought with them being organic FR they wouldnt be too different from our own chickens eggs but they tasted on nothing at all and in fact I couldnt even finish them so I cant wait to get some new chickens and have our lovely fresh eggs back again!

I have been terrible this week on reflection and feel bloated and cross with myself.

Tomorrow is a new week and I have to get back on track or my goal for the September wedding will come and go with me not fitting into the dress I wanted to fit into for my holidays!! It is strange I was sooooo disciplined on the 30 in 30 challenge but I have not got that same motivation at the moment! I must find it NOW!!

My goal for the week ahead is to post on here every day, eat as well as I can and exercise twice a day!! So feel free to give me a virtual mouthful if i dont stick to that!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


where do the days go - just realised I havent posted since Monday. The days are flying by it wont be long before the summer hols are over and the kids are back at school - whilst I love the lazy days of not having to get school sorted I do kinda miss the routine, the gym is right next to school drop off so I tend to go as I'm there, I havent been to the gym all summer but have relied on home workouts which are fine and do the same thing - I just like the gym atmosphere!

I did a great workout Monday night with my friend which is always a laugh at the same time, again it was a bodyweight routine with some dumbell stuff too and my stomach has been killing me ever since we did as part of the routine some 21's which consisted off push ups and ab crunches you start at 21 of each then work your way back to 0 - that is alot of reps and of course you could do it with any combination of exercises.

I seem to be maintaining my weight at the mo - not losing it so I need to up my game a bit really - I think it is the lack of routine that is putting me out at the mo, I have clients on hol, some cancelling due to illness and some swapping times so I am all over the place - goal to get back on track next week although it is still a bit disrupted until September now!

Yesterday was a lovely hot day - the weather guys got it right for once and I managed to get about an hour outside reading my fitness magazine! It was lovely and reminded me of being back on holiday - today is not so nice grrrrr!

Tonight there is a world record attempt of fireworks going off on Bournemouth Seafront between the piers which we are hoping to go and see - they are planning to let of 110,000 fireworks in 60seconds should be great as long as it doesnt rain!! We have also booked a camping trip for BH weekend which is also my birthday so I am again hoping for sunshine!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Quick easy workout

I have been asked to post up a workout i mentioned last week it is a quick bodyweight workout but really hits the spot! A colleague of mine put it on her site as her workout of the day! So thanks Charlie x so anyone interested give it a try and when you ache afterwards thank Charlie not me ha ha xx

30 secs Burpees
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees
30 secs skipping or hi knee run
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats (your level)
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunge alt legs
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups
30 secs rest

30 secs burpees; skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs skipping; starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs starjumps; squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs squats; reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs reverse lunges; press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs press-ups and tricep press-up
30 secs rest

30 secs tricep press-up

30 secs rest.



Friday, 14 August 2009

Feeling better

thank goodness, cold finally clearing up! I did my first workout of the week yesterday and found it quite tough, clearly my cold has taken more out of me than i thought. Still i worked up a good sweat and am feeling the doms today, It was a pyramid set of bodyweight exercises that a colleauge of mine posted up on her site and i thought i'd give that a go - she ended the routine with a little he he after it and now i know why!! Thanks Charlie xx I finished it up with some valslide exercises - I'm loving these simple little tools very effective!

Food wise i havent really stuck to anything specific yet so will aim to track my carb intake next week, we had home made lasagne with veg last night which wasnt really on my plan but was yummy!!

Today I have been better having had eggs and ham for brekkie and some fruit and nuts so far! think it will ne homemade thai chicken curry with a little brown rice for dinner! my fave xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Not such a good start .....

.... have come down with a stinking cold arghhhhhh!! Really annoyed as I rarely get ill with anything, no doubt caught on the plane on way home with all that air con blowing germs around everywhere!! The night we got back my throat felt a little scratchy and it took until Monday night to come out into a full blown cold and of course you cant go anywhere without everyone telling you its Swine flu blah blah blah - No i have a cold thats all but it is making me feel rubbish and have tried to eat healthily but have succumbed to a quick fix snack of chocolate yesterday and havent felt up to working out, just did a few rounds of a bodyweight workout and just didnt have the energy and cant breathe so gave up!

Hoping to feel better and get going tomorrow x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tomorrow is the start of a new countdown

and I want to see if I can better the 6lb lost last month on my 30 in 30 challenge. I plan to use a combination of full body weight training, HIIT, Dax's training plans plus a variety of my own bodyweight circuits including kettlebells and valslides too!

Dietwise I am going to eat as ED friendly as possible but allowing myself 1 cup of tea daily, I will eliminate sugar/alcohol and wheat and processed foods, I will also follow the wave and carb cycle to some extent too although I may play around with this as it didnt do wonders for me last time.

I am setting myself the challenge of 8lbs for the next 4 weeks and see if i can beat the 6lb loss by 2lb - yes simple maths even I got that little sum right!!

Luckily i must have been carrying a lb of plane bloat as I was down a further 1lb today which means i only actually gained 1lb from my weeks blow out!!

Ooh looking forward to a new challenge............

Friday, 7 August 2009

I'm back........ and had a real week off!!!

Ok I'm back and have confessions! My intentions of being Ed friendly on holiday lasted um well until I got to the airport for departure! We had a 7 hour delay and believe me being stuck in Bournemouth airport for that amount of time with absolutely nothing to do is very very boring!! We got given 2 lots of vouchers for food as the delay kept getting longer! There were no healthy food choices there at all so I had a sandwich (white bread!!!!!!!!!!) but did only drink water!! I imediately felt the bloat from the bread having not had any for months now!

We eventually arrived in Malaga at 5.45am and the car hire people had gone and left a note saying back at 7am so we had yet more delays and eventually got to our apartment at 8.30am totally shattered!

My promise to myself to not drink calories I kept by only drinking water other than 2 cocktails I had at our favourite cocktail bar right on Puerto Banus beach - they are just lovely!! and of course full of calories!! I also ate french bread/cheese and pate had 1 ice cream and some pasta so all in all I was very naughty! I weighed in this morning and was 2lb up so all in all I was ok with that as I really didnt try very hard at all! 2lbs to get off shouldnt be too tough next week!

What a posey place PB is! everyone is so up themselves! the money there is unreal, and everyone tries to out do each other! Every other car is a Ferrari or Lamborghini usually driven by short bald blokes but nice to look at (the cars that is) the women are dripping in designer gear and the men in rolex etc etc we go for the weather and ease of getting htere plus my friend owns a place there so for us it is easy! I wouldnt say it is a chilled out relaxing place to be though!!

We had wall to wall sunshine which was great and our own little bit of excitement when we discovered Katie Price was staying in our community! We are out side of PB in a gated community and we were chilling by the pool one afternoon when one of the little boys came running in saying a topless KP was in the next pool! Of course none of us believed him. My daughter and her friend ran off to investigate and came back highly excited saying it was her, but her hairdresser had turned them away.

With her new book in hand we went back to the pool via the back entrance and sat ourselves on the edge of the pool and there she was in just a thong right opposite us! Now love her or hate her it is just very weird to be in the same pool as someone as famous as she is (all beit for the wrong reasons) she has had her fair share of press recently and this trip was no different with a neighbour in the next apartment selling their pics to the sun! those are the ones that appeared this week! She signed the girls books for them which made their holiday and we swan in the pool a bot more then returned to our pool - there is only so much time you can get away with staring at a celeb and she's not really my idea of an icon although we did all watch her TV show!!

The rest of our hol was just spent reading books and relaxing, a week goes so quickly and I cant believe I am now home!

Next week (Monday) is the start of round 2 of losing some more pounds including the extra 2 that have crept back up! I will be mainly ED compliant but may try a month of eating for my bio type just to test out the course I went on! I will post more on this as several people are interested!

Exercise wise I will go back to some HIIT and weights with 1 of Dax's workouts as an extra daily!