Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mmmmmmm Fruit Day 9

How excited was I this morning to know I coul dhave my yummy Greek yog and raspberries! Food today has been extra nice, I had a lovely salad of leaves, poached salmon, cucumber, red onion and 3 new potatoes it was so nice it didnt even need a dressing! Dinner has been thai cchicken curry with a small amount of brown rice! snacks have been fruit and nuts! What a difference a few days of out no carbs has been I actually really looked ofrward to all of todays food and it is all still ED friendly!!

Workouts today have been good too so far still one to go! I went to a friends this morning and she timed it all for me on workout 1, it was nice ot have some moral support through it for a change and lunchtimes circuit is getting more and more chalenging with the extra reps each time!

The last workout I'll go and do in a mo as soon as dinner has gone down!!

WEEK 2 Monday Day 8

Not feeling too bad considering the low carbs and hot weather! my taste buds are wanting more flavours and I'm thinking I need to get more creative with my menu's - todays was eggs and organic sausage for breakfast (only a chipolata as I'm not really a sausage fan!!) Lunch was grilled chikcen with lemn and garlic on a bed of spinach leaves, and dinner was lean organic minced beef with veg mixed in with yet more spinach leaves and cucumber and red pepper! Popeye eat your heart out!!!!

Workouts were ok - the PC to start off the day followed by our new workout - which I did outside, nothing beats an outdoor workout it just feel so much fresher and cool! I went for a dog walk with a friend which was a bit of extra activity and later the last killer workout!

Really looking forward to tomorrow and having my yog and raspberries .............

Sunday, 28 June 2009

1 week down ----- (Day 7)

One whole week completed! phew!! Second day of the new diet rules, will be glad when tomorrow is over and I can look forward to a normal ED day!

The new workout was good, I enjoyed it alot although again it looks so much easier on paper than in reality, now got new times to beat tomorrow! Its nice to have the variety of some new things to do I am used to constantly changing things up so this will make a nicce change.

It also makes a difference with the order of the workouts, having been used to doing meltdown first it felt harder today after doing the new workout!

Food for today hasnt been so great, brekkie was ok with the usual eggs and ham, lunch was nice with poached salmon, spinach leaf salad with cucumber and peppers and sprinkled with pine nuts! Dinner was a let down it was oven roasted gammon with cabbage and leek and brocolli but my OH was late back and the veg was a bit overdone!! so i really didnt enjoy it plus I watched him eat all the nice new potatoes to go with it - I did miss having a few of those!

Tomorrow is weigh in and measure day then not again till Thursday which will be good and not so obsessive! Please scales be kind to me..........................

Saturday Day 6 - Hmmmmmm.......

Another hot, humid day here, still tired but starting a new phase on the nutrition front - not going to be so easy for me as I have not eaten this way before but it will add a new twist to the program and hopefully get some good results! Speaking of which still nothing moving for me, really hoping now that it will kick in again soon, after the initial 2 days with a loss each day I thought I was on a roll but now nothing..... makes it all a bit more of a struggle as the incentive to keep going fades a bit with lack of results but still it is only 6 days and 2lb a week is better than I've done for a while lately anyway!
We will have a new workout to do tomorrow which will be nice and shake things up a bit - other than that today has been ok, workouts all done - still improving and add ing reps to workout 3 - did it in the garden last night was lovely and cool but exercise 3 felt harder as the grass is springy and i felt i was working harder to get into full position and back up again!

Food today was nice - eggs for breakfast and again for lunch with ham and mushrooms, dinner was chicken with spinach leaf salad, cucumber, spring onions, peppers and my own dressing of lemon, oil, garlic and basil yum! and very filling! snacked on cashews and drowned in water!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 5 - Crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG after last nights storm and next to no sleep I have woken up today totally wiped out, it is still so humid here with no air at all! I feel beyond tired, lethargic, drained of all energy!

I planned to do workout 1 early - didnt happen! Not sure if I feel worse as really had no carbs yesterday at all so fuelled up on a banana mid morning prior to clients and felt a bit better so as soon as I'd finished work I did workout 1! I forced myself into my gym to do it but surprisingly managed to get better results than the day before! Shows what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Had a jacket spud for lunch with some salmon and salad and just had my life saving greek yog and berries (it is my sweet fix and totally enjoyable) and have just now completed workout 2 which again i beat my times! I think tomorrow we will have something new to do - not sure yet if it is in addition to what we are doing already or a total change! Am kinda hoping for the second option as a new challenge would be nice!

Going out to dinner tonight so the next of todays challenges will be finding something i can eat! drinks are easy - water water water!!

I am going to have a really hot soak in the bath now and slurp some more water whilst in there, have a quick power nap and then workout 3 later on!

No change in measurements or weight today so a little disappointing thought I was ona roll but hopefully tomorrow will see some change somewhere!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 4 cont.d

They say there's a close relationship between love and hate and that is how I feel about workout 1, I really dont look forward to starting it and I really hate it when there's the 5 second countdown to start again but then when I'm done I love the way it makes me feel (other than uber sweaty) such a great post exercise feeling after just 16 mins!

I managed to smash my densities again which was great!

Workout 2 was good too, I beat each consecutive time but didnt beat yesterdays time (personal best i think so far)

Met friends at prezzo for lunch today and had a spinach and chicken salad minus the dressing and croutons! They had wine and dessert - choc fudge cake and banana toffee cheesecake, I had water and no dessert!! polishes halo!!!

I did really enjoy my lunch it was very tasty and filling, makes me wonder why I have alwasy chosen pasta before, I left without that bloated stuffed feeling instead being pleasantly full!

I have had a few cashews and greek yog and berries so far, not as much food as yesterday yet, shopping trip ahead so will find something yummy for dinner, think another portion of yog and fruit first though!

Workout 3 as usual done at about 8-9pm!

Day 4 - Excited!!

As soon as I wake up now the first thing that comes into my mind is what will the scales say today!! It is a feeling of both fear and excitement - today I had this feeling that there would be no change so it was with trepidation that I stepped on the scales..... and there it was another lb down! I kinda just stood there and stared at it in disbelief I guess! - now you may be thinking that hey its only a lb but that is 1lb every day so far - I'm used to at best seeing a 1lb decrease per week and even that has been a rarity lately!! ooh and 1" off my hips!

I always had faith in Dax's prgrams but to see it actually happening before my eyes is kind of unreal!

I'm just hoping that this has set the path that my weight will follow and it doesnt stop!

Mind you it is hard work - I am well used to spending my time working out and am no stranger to lifting heavy weights and sweating my **** off, but this is so different, the workouts are short - really short but boy they are tough, on paper they dont seem so hard but you dont get these results by taking it easy! Last night i really didnt feel like the third workout but I knew there was no choice - no choice as I have promised to see this 30 days through andf I will - so I did workout 3 in front of the tv with family spectators laughing and making comments before actually showing a bit of admiration when I performed the last exercise (those also taking part will know what I'm talking about!!) I am still a bit sore and I'm quite tired too but it is fun and I'm excited to see how it progresses!

Now on with today and it starts all over again ....

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 3 ouch!!!!

I was surprised to wake up this morning feeling quite sore in the glute area! or bum to anyone not up on their muscle groups!! I didnt expect that as I have been doing loads of deadlifts and exercises lately targeting that area but I have to say ouch!! I think the SM's are getting me too!

The first workout this morning was tough again - in fact harder than yesterday I did it on an empty stomach so I didnt have any fuel in the tank and didnt beat yesterdays times!

Workout 2 I took outside into the sunshine which was nice, did better on that one today but have stuffed myself with eggs, greek yog and strawberries so had a little more to work on!

The last workout will be later after I finish work as no time to do before hand!

Just had a yummy dinner of poached salmon on salad leaves with tomatoes and cucumber - definately getting more cals in today!

Is strange but I feel thinner on the inside, its a definate light kind of feeling, as if nothing is clogging you up or dragging you down!

I'm not sleeping too well though, strangely I cant get off to sleep and I'm getting up once to go to the loo (damn that water)!!

Still 1lb down in weight today so that is good!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 2 Dax's 30lb in 30 days June 23rd 09

Can't believe I've just uploaded these pics - OMG!!!! I hide it all quite well when wearing clothes but braved it to show it all off in all its horror to spur me on to get rid of the fat!! When you see it all in photos it is a real visual reminder of what you are and how much work is needed! My real problem areas are my muffin top and arms i think - I always have quite muscular legs so am used to them not appearing skinny but I am quite horrified by my arms, my boobs will be the last to go always are which is fine but a couple of sizes smaller will be good!

Just had a lovely bowl full of fresh raspberries and greek yoghurt as my after workout snack! I found it hard again and on the last round of exercises (workout 1) was cursing Dax big time - but felt good afterwards!!

Just worked out my exercise densities for workout 1 and I blew yesterdays out of the water!! Go me!!!!!! oh yeah 2 more workouts till to do hmmmm ......

Aiming to pick my son up from school then do workout 2, got some clients later and then do workout 3 at about 9pm!

Going to have to force myself to go and eat some more in a minute as otherwise it will turn out like yesterday! I'm just not hungry!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 1 June 22cnd

Well todays morning circuit was fun, loved the mp3 download that went with it, really kept me on track and working hard, The beauty is that it felt like real work in a quick time and I managed to fit it in before my first client of the day! boy I needed a shower after though!!!

The second of todays workouts I did before dinner and again I burnt some calories, got to beat my results tomorrow!

The last workout of the day I really enjoyed - all the exercises were new to me bar 1 and I on first look I did think they were going to be easy but they were more challenging than they looked and I surprised myself by working up a sweat again!!! think I'm going to need to bulk buy the shower gel for the next month!!!! In a strange way I found them energising and a nice way to end the day.

Food wise I'm a little worried I'm not eating enough calories as I tracked todays and it came out about 990 and with the exericse I could of had quite a few more, but I'm not hungry and dont want to force feed myself, I will however tuck into the nice fresh pineapple we have if its ripe!!

1 day down 29 more to go!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Introduction 30lbs in 30 days challenge!!!

Ok here I am with a new challenge! Following on from the MIM challenge that I was doing I have been chosen to participate in London Personal Trainer Dax Moy's 30lbs in 30 days challenge, see www.mylondonpersonaltrainer.com if you want to find out more about it!

I'm not entirely sure exactly what this will involve yet other than working out 7 days a week, and following the elimination diet ( eliminationdiet.ning.com ) amongst other things!!

I am looking forwards to this challenge as I want fast results, it will be hard work but nothing good in life is ever really easily come by is it!! I will be wearing my bikini this summer not next summer and I will feel good in it! I want the self confidence that goes with looking and feeling my best and above all I want to be an inspiration to my clients. I know that Dax will deliver the program if I am prepared to do the work - which I am! I know how successful everything he puts together is and am really excited about seeing this challenge through!

I have been following the ED for the last few weeks anyway so the dietary changes shouldnt be too much of a shock! I am missing my cups of de caff tea but I can go another 30 days without them!

My current measurements are:

Waist - 30.5"
Abdomen - 33.5"
Hips - 38.5"
Bust - 36"
R Thigh - 24"
L Thigh - 24.5"

Pics to be uploaded later - got to go find someone to take them lol!