Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Good day today!

Today has been a good and busy day - woke up feeling quite refreshed, made my new fave mango and banana smoothie for brekkie - went to train my first 3 clients of the day who have been doing soooooooooo well and lost over 8lbs each in their first 2 weeks! I then met a friend and fellow PT for lunch and we had a good catch up and discussed work and clients and nutrition and exercise so all in all a great lunch, we met in a lovely cafe called Alexs Healthy Cafe! and had homemade hummus, olives, pitta and fresh yellow and red pepper! Yummy!! I came home for a bit then went to my evening clients, after finishing I cam back to my lovely friends house and we worked out together! Phew it is now nearly 10 and my day is nearly done - a nice relaxing bath and the latest episode of The Biggest loser in bed and thats me done!  Yes today has been a good one :-)

 Hope yours is as good tomorrow :-))


  1. Whats a chirpy post to read first thing :)

  2. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.............................................

  3. Thanks Chick and hope you rday turns out fab :-) mwah back at ya x

  4. I want to go to that café but it's sooo far away :-(

    fabulous post though and well done with your clients, it's testament to what a great PT you are! xx

  5. T I know it was realy nice and very friendly atmosphere too! Ahh thank you thats a lovely comment xx

  6. Great post. I love what you're doing for others.

    As a advanced trainer, I'm sure you talk a lot about habit change, and what it truly takes to make specific changes. I just wrote a post on this subject, although I took a different road. Let me know whatcha think.