Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Off Radar!

Hey Blogland! Apologies for being off the blog radar lately, I kinda ran out of steam, not really having the time or motivation to be online all the time, this is just a quick update to catch up with everyone!

Time is running out for me before my first event of the year at the end of March and as yet no real results to report - I think I have been going from one thing to another rather than sticking with any particular thing.

Currently I have signed up to Daxs monthly workout which is tough I can tell you, I have glute and quad doms from hell right now from some lovely 1 legged squats! I dont think the 20 mins of KB swingsheloed either!!

I have also got another product that I am thinking of trialling to called Final phase fatloss which i quiet like the look of! So I will rport back real soon!

Hoe all is well with you all - drop me a comment to let me know how you are doing xx


  1. 1 legged squats...they are sick :P, good to see you CB!

  2. Lol I know doms just wearing off :-) xx