Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here I go again....................

Just signed up for a re run fo Dax's fat loss challenge - for any regular readers you will remember that I did this last summer and lost about 6lbs and 12 inches in 30 days - It is kicking off again under the new name of Meltdown on the 1st January!! So this time I am hoping to kick arse and get some fab results! My OH is 30 at the end of May so I want to look super hot for that occasion so that is my overall goal for this year that gives me 5 months to get there so Dax's program should hopefully give me a great start!!

This time round we will be working out 4 times a day which is one up from the 3 we did last summer - hmmmm a challenging prospect time to get myself super organised I think!! I am really looking forward to it though especially after relaxing my diet over Xmas and feeling the results of that! Actually I have had hardly any alcohol probably only about 3 or 4 drinks over the last few weeks but I have had a couple of desserts and of course some chocolates along with cheeses etc and although I havent eaten any larger quantities than normal just having the rich foods and not drinking the extra water to go along with it has left me feeling really sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable - everything is tight again and it serves as a great reminder why this time of year is so bad for us! I have tried to moderate what I have done but even so I still feel rubbish for it so I am really looking forward to losing that discomfort by eating clean fresh foods!!

Please keep reading and supporting through this challenge it does really help me along when I know people are out there! In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year - make 2010 your best yet!!


  1. I think I'm going to do it too!!

    Good luck, hope it goes well for you, and me, well for us both!

    Clothes are feeling uber tight and there is poundage gained on scales, boo, problem is that I'm now going to be shacked up in a cottage in Wales with friends and food and no chance of outdoor exercise, oh dear!

    I've got to get back in shape by 27th Jan (more about that later) so I think this 'meltdown' has come along just at the nick of time!


  2. Hey honey, I will be following your progress closely! I was tempted to try the new regime but I can't be arsed with working out 4 times a day. Wishing you loads of luck though :D

  3. Thanks Jo xx I'll keep you posted :-) x

    Good luck Yo yo xx I'll see you on the site :-) xx

  4. OH turning 30 - can't have a better goal in the back of your head! It will be brutal... but great! And there is no heat wave that time of year either :-)

  5. Hi, there! You seem to be pretty good at this blogging bit, so I hope you don't mind if I follow your progress! I am new to the Meltdown and would love to follow someone more seasoned at Dax's programs. I know you will do great with your goals!

  6. WOW... sure sounds like you've made a conscious decision to kick some arse!

    Will definitely be following the progress.

  7. Hi Mary - no worries any questions just fire away and good luck!

    Dayne - I sure have!! I look forward to you following and any comments :-) x