Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nutrition for the 30 days ahead

So for anyone following the challenge that is to start on the 1st January you may be wondering what the Elimination diet is all about!

This is Dax Moys creation and is a diet that has been used world wide with great effect and now forms the nutritional element of many Personal Trainers prescription!

You can go to his site and download a copy for yourself if you want to try it out! But for anyone just interested basically you eliminate anything processed, all sugars and alcohol, wheat, dairy (other than butter and live yoghurt) so you may be wondering what you can eat.................

Vegetables of all shapes, colours and sizes - I actually crave veg if I havent eaten it for a few days and it is something that I always look forward to when I've been away especially to the states where veg is far and few between at restaurants!
There are so many different varieties you could never get bored!

Yum!! Mouthwatering juicy fruits again so many different colours and textures all bursting with goodness - raspberries are my ultimate favourite and became my sweet indulgence with greek yog whilst on the plan last time!

Lean meats, fish and eggs - luckily we have chickens so we get fresh eggs everyday and there is no doubt that they taste a milllion times better than shop bought ones! An egg = a complete meal in a shell!!

                                                Nuts and seeds - great for snacking on along with a piece of fruit!     Good fats actually help our bodies to lose fat!!

Water, water and more water - I will be drinking approx 3litres a day - along with a slice of lemon!

I can guarantee that the items that wont be entering the diet for the next 30 days are those from the picture below! Colourful yes but also artifical and full of chemicals and fat!

I felt great last time I did this and am looking forward to getting rid of the Xmas bloat and filling my fridge with lovely fresh colourful healthy foods!

What do you cut out of your diet and why? what do you think could you not live without??


  1. I am with you on eliminating processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Wheat doesn't affect me too much though I don't eat a great deal anyway. I eat hardly any bread or other grains - my main source of carbs is from oats - yum!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress


  2. Happy New Year and good luck

    Will not have much internet access til 7 Jan but will check in regulalry after then.

    all the best


  3. Best wishes to you Sarah. Looking forward to more of your inspiring posts

  4. Thank you girls and Happy New Year to you all too x

    Jo you will always be the queen of oats xxx