Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday Fun - 15 Random facts about me!

So just for fun I thought I would share some random facts about me - this is something that many of my PT colleagues do on their ning sites and it is always a good read! That does mean though that anyone who reads this has to share 15 facts about themselves too!  It would be great to find out a little more about my readers and put a little more info to the name or face!! 

I cant wait to read what you guys come up with so please add your replies in the comments section below!

Dont be shy now :-)

Ok back to me - hope I can think of things that arent too boring xx

  1. I have 3 brothers all of whom I've never lived with - 1 lives in Canada, 1 in Australia and the other in Scotland! (Do you think they are trying to tell me something??)
  2. I was absolutely useless at sport at school and took every opportuntiy to get out of it so it came as a surprise to me when I found I loved exercise in later life and made it my career!
  3. I love going to the zoo - elephants, wild cats and meer cats are my favourites!
  4. I have swum with Dolphins - another of my favourite creatures!
  5. I absolutely crave vegetables and it is the first thing I want when I get back from a holiday a meal with a good plate of veggies especially brocolli!
  6. I have a clothes obsession and am a little anal about my wardrobe and hang everything in colour range and style etc!! - I'm a Virgo thats my excuse!
  7. I also have an underwear obsession and have over 60 sets of matching undies!!! Lots of which are in the wrong size and dont even fit me!!!!
  8. I often talk in my sleep!
  9. My favourite exercise is the squat and its many adaptations!
  10. I am super flexible and my arms, shoulders and knees do things they really shouldnt!
  11. I still like watching Disney films luckily my daughter has the same tastes and will watch them too!
  12. I kind of find Simon Cowell strangely attractive and the money/power thing has never done it for me before!! - odd as I dont find him remotely attractive on a looks basis!!
  13. I built my own house 2 years ago and sorted everything that went into doing so!
  14. I could eat a giant bar of chocolate and not be sick!
  15. I left school at the age of 15 and worked full time before I was 16 - I was the youngest in my year with a end of Aug birthday!!
Ok over to you guys.........................................


  1. 1. I delivered my next door neighbours baby at 16.
    2. I was school sports girl in 2nd year at school.
    3. I threw up in the foot pool at the Scottish Universities Swimming Championships in 1995.
    4. If I hadn't had a car crash in which I sued the guy I would only have one degree instead of 2 (Business Studies & Maths).
    5. I'm scared of driving over bridges.
    6. I back packed round Europe when I was 17 and thumbed it home on my own(idiot).
    7. My nickname in primary school was "elastic" as I was very bendy too.
    8. I have been a Pharmacy Assitant, Opticians receptionist, waitress, warden at a University Halls, Mussel packer, fisherwoman and now IT.
    9. I melted my new nike trainers walking on the top of mount etna.
    10. Before I die I want to boil and egg in a gueyser.
    11. I was evacuated from Nepal when I was working there as our 4x4 was caught in a riot and demolished.
    12. I get my nails manicured every 3 weeks on a tuesday
    13. I'm hoping to get married next year, engaged 3yrs and very lazy about organising it.
    14. I can eat a whole malt loaf in one sitting.
    15. I love nothing better than a game of rounders.

  2. Merry Christmas,
    I'm packing for a long holiday so will give you a list when I return. Have tried to plug Shane's into babelfish with interesting results

  3. I wondered what that was about - have a lovely time N i wondered where you had gone xx Speak soon xxx