Monday, 14 December 2009

12 Tips of Xmas

1.   Drink that water - 8-10 glasses a day minimum (it will help to flush away those nasty toxins from any naughty treats you may indulge in over the festive period!!

2. Avoid buffets where possible just a few of those cocktail sausages and vol au vents will add up to many calories - try eating soemthing before you go and then just choose wisely!

3.  Watch those bowls of nuts - whilst the raw unsalted varieties are very good for you they are still high in calories and the salted roasted ones are even worse!! Plus you never know who has washed their hands before digging in!!

4.  Try to do 1 thing every day to work towards your goal whethe rit be a walk a short workout or having 1 less glass of wine!

5.  No time for the gym with all those parties and family do's - make yourself a short 15 minute home workout using bodyweight exercises and repeat for time!

6,  Enjoy yourself and have those treats but just have one - dont take the attitude that I've had one so 3 more wont hurt - youre not missing out if you enjoy one of your favourite festive treats 1 mince pie in the tum is much better than 3 mince pies on the waist line!!

7.  Do something active with the family over Xmas even if its just taking part in a WII sports game it still burns some calories and is better than just crashing out in front of another episode of Eastenders!

8.  Enjoy all those lovely veggies with your Xmas dinner - fill your plate with those good for you filling veggies then there wil be less room on your plate for the roasties and other goodies - yes I know theyre the yummy bits but you will be thankful when your trying to work them off in the New Year!

9.  Dont put off tomorrow what you can do today - there is still time to lose a few lbs before the big day!

10.  Mix your wine with diet soda to make a lovely refreshing spritzer - it will take you longer to drink and come in at half the calories!!

11. Another workout tip if you cant do your usual 60 min workout then work out twice as hard for 30 mins!!

12. Get your Zzzzzzz's you wil then feel refreshed and ready to take on the big day!!!

Have fun!!!!