Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year Blogland! & Day 1 Meltdown

Happy New Year to you all!

Meltdown Day 1!

Foodwise it was so nice to be eating clean healthy foods after the Xmas excesses food was very simple today with a poached egg and a slice of home cooked ham for brekkie, nuts and grapes for snacks, butternut squash with a slice of rye and cranberry bread for lunch and a gorgeous roast dinner cooked by my 12 year old son! He did a roast chicken, roast potatoes in olive oil, brocolli, runner beans, roasted carrots - it was really delicious!

Exercise was hard work - I have been lazy over Xmas so i feel stiff after the 4 workouts and the memories of last years meltdown came flooding back - I still dislike the spidermen and step through lunges but hey!!!

I need to do my measurements but have lost my measures - I took them out of my bag when i went last minute Xmas shopping on Xmas eve and cant find them - the weight though is 147lbs yuk!!!!!!!!!

29 more days to go...........

Day 2

Samw workouts as yesterday - I am doing kettlebell swings and cleans for the cv intervals - need to get my practice in on those so this is ideal!

Food for today - drinking hot water and lemon in place of my tea plus the normal water! I got up quite late today so was a little naughty and missed brekkie but had potato and leek soup and rye bread for lunch, apple and nuts as snacks and salad, jacket spud and some left over chilli for dinner! Yum x


  1. Good to see you back on it, your food sounds lovely. How fabulous of your boy to cook dinner for you - hurrah!


  2. Its amazing how hard those "short" workouts are, isn't it? Even for well trained people like you :-) I am with you on the spiderman and lunge, it gets my heart rate up rapidly! Your food sounds delicious, as always. Happy new year!

  3. Wow, Sarah, I would love to come eat at your place! Sounds wonderful!! Those spiderman and step thru lunge combos are the DEVIL!! I can't even stay steady to do the lunges! I have done the spidermans quite a bit in the past, but those type of lunges are totally new to me! I am quite comical doing them! Glad you had a couple of good days so far!

  4. go girl

    I am dreading getting back into serious exercise - it's going to be tough

  5. Hey girls x

    Jo yes it was fab and today he is making cakes (not so good!!!)
    Annette - yes even us PT's suffer at the hands of Dax!!
    Mary - youre welcome anytime hope you are doing ok too x
    Natasha - you will be fine - you were a star last year and will be again xxx