Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Always learning

Just back from the 1st day training of the family obesity project that I will be co running in April - very interesting and looking forward to working with the families! I went to see som enew clients on Monday and i mentioned that i was going on a training course this week and the guy said to me "Stll training Sarah"? and it got me thinking that when you train for something if yo think that is it - finished then you are limiting your knoweldge so much - for me I will always be training, always looking to learn new things and improve upon what I know already - that makes me a better trainer and a better person as my mind is kept active and I just love learning new things! Maybe that is why so many fitness industry members are still using outdated training and nutrition!
Anway I have been unable to do 4 workouts today - I did the ICP prior to leaving as it was the quickest i coudl do and I will get another in later but I have to go do clients now - just not enough hours in the day sometimes! oh and i have to cook, clean, pick kids up and get ready fro day 2 of tomorrows course too!! phew!


  1. sounds like interesting times for you!!

    and yes, learning new things is key! :-)

    Hope you're doing well on the meltdown, I decided to give it a miss as I'd missed too much of the month already and I didn't think I could commit 100% to eliminating all the foods and following the other guidelines - if you're not in it all the way what's the point eh?!

    However, I have managed to cut a *lot* of crap out of my diet already just this month so hopefully it might ease me into whatever new challenges occur later in the year :-)


  2. Well done T - It will still make a big difference to you :-) Yes his program is supposed to be 100% and it is tough x you can always adapt things to suit youself in your own time though xx

  3. You are so right about constant learning - and you know you're in the right field of work when you still want to learn more rather than feeling that you have to for "compulsory" professional development.

    I am admiring all you wavers on the Meltdown programme. In this cold it is all I can do to stay away from the hot chocolate. I've deceided I'll wave when the ED grinds to a halt in terms of results