Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Awesome kettlebell queen!

I have been reading a report this week on the effectiveness of kettlebells and the study reveals that it can burn up to 1200 cals per hour! that is some serious calorie burn! I love kettlebells and I only do some fairly basic routines with them, this year I am planning on doing a more advanced training course - and if I needed any inspiration then how about Lauren Brookes?

I think she looks fab and would kill for her abs! I am waiting for my new order of bells to be delivered I am getting a 10kg and 12kg set for now and will aim to be using a 16kg this year some point!

I have been so busy this last 2 weeks the training course I have been on has really taken over and I havent been able to fit in the 4 workouts a day so I am going to extend my 30 days past the supposed finish date as I havent been able to put in the work I wanted to! Some people are getting seriously great results though - some are reporting 16lbs and lots of 12lb losses and we are only 19 or 20 days in. This program really does work if you can put the time and effort into it! I have lots of things this year that I want to look great for so I need to get cracking!!


  1. Wow, that girl is amazing! I think she may inspire me to start incorporating kettlebells into my training!

  2. Where I am right now abs that worked to do a two phase sit up would be a result. Your sourse sounds great tho

  3. She is isnt she Jo - I am debating getting one of her DVD's! just trying to bring myself to pay the £30 odd pounds to get one!!
    Natasha it will come :-) x

  4. You just did a kettlebell training course too, didn't you Sarah? I have a 20 and 30 pound bell and love doing swings and cleans etc. You can fit a lot of work in a short time with them. I can't even imagine doing a full hour! And Lauren does look amazing... How much are you able to work out right now?

  5. Hey A x Yes i did a course although i want to a more advanced one too x I have been stuggling with the 4 x workouts as been on a full on training course and out of the house 12 hours or more a day so it was impossible and it certainly wasnt something i could do whilst there so i am extending my finish date to make up for it! xx