Monday, 11 January 2010

Oooops sorry last weeks catch up!!

For some reason I thought I hadnt blogged over the weekend but it has been longer than that - the days are flying past! My excuses - well I have been away to Dublin for the weekend which was part of my Xmas present - we had a lovely time even though it was -8 degrees!!! It snowed the whole time we were there and we actually thought we may get stuck there!! They closed Dublin airport for a while on Saturday afternoon but luckily it was ok for departures first thing Sunday!!
We did loads of walking around however I didnt stick to the 4 workouts a day whilst we were there so a fair bit of making up to do this week!!
Dax's program is going well (other than my 2 day escape) I am still quite tired though :-(
I have also been meeting with new clients and re doing all of my paperwork and forms etc for my business so that has been time consuming and after days of pc work I have been quite pleased to turn the laptop off so apologies for my disappearance - back to normal now :-))

I have roped a friend in to start the ED and she started today - nice to have someone close to share ideas and the odd craving with!!

I am not measuring or weighing this week yet as totm looming and I feel bloaty and horrible so I dont want to get discouraged by not getting good results until it has gone away!

Hope all is good with my fellow bloggers - off now to read my list and catch up xx

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  1. busy busy - but you're doing great. look forward to your posting some positive results soon