Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 4 I knew it was coming!!!!

Hmmm woke up today to news that the wave was being introduced from tomorrow - I knew that was coming!! So although I know it is what helps me as I do love my carbs in the form of potatoes or rice it means I will no longer have them for 3 days and can re fuel on them on the 4th day!!

So I guess that means I will have to make the most of a spud for dinner tonight!

Day 4's food was oats and raspberries with flaxseed for brekkie, cashew nuts and an apple, live yog with raspberries throughout the day, and pork and apple casserole with mashed potato, carrots, green beans and peas for dinner! Quite carb based really but so yummy!

I am still really sore especially between my shoulders for some reason - I tried out my new HRM yesterday which is fab and I think it encouraged me to work harder to see those calories mount up!

The Meltdown lasting only 16 mins earned me 165 cals after background deducted! not bad!! I forgot to put it back on for the others so will try better today!! Want to see how the kettlebell swings compare!!

It is quite hard actually fitting in the 4 workouts more challenging than last time but still it has to be done :-)


  1. ooh the dreaded wave - good luck, but it does work doesn't it?

    getting that fourth workout in does look like a killer.

    Am lost in admiration.

  2. Hi Sarah, how are you doing? The wave, yes, we all love it... and you know that the fast is coming up next, right? :-) Stay strong!

  3. Hi Sarah love your blog! I am glad you are along for the ride!!

  4. Hey missus, where did you get to?