Monday, 4 January 2010

Day 3 Meltdown!

Nothing very exciting to report - exercise continues with the 4 workouts a day - am looking forward to the kids back at school and routine etc i findit easier when i am left to my own devices!

Food wise it has been fine - poached egg on rye for brekkie, lemon water to drink (am really enjoying this it is so cleansing) Lunch was carrot and coriander soup with another piece of rye )they are tiny slices) Dinner was salmon salad with a jacket spud!

I am kind of making the most of the carbs at the mo as i know they will be going as the meltdown continues when we do the wave again - i'm guessing this will be introduced again! which means 3 days of carbs coming only from veg followed by one day where we can have fruit, rice or spuds again!!

No change weight or inch wise at the start of day 4 although i do feel thinner! the bloat is going!!


  1. Waow 4 workouts a day!! That is amazing. I am already happy when I've done 5 in one week!! :)

    Caroline xxx

  2. I still can't believe you will be training 4x day - it sounds so brutal lol!

    Good luck mate, enjoy the carbs while you can!

  3. Seems you are doing great Sarah (well, what else do we expect from you, right :-) ) Yes, I am enjoying my fruit and carbs too, since I am sure they will have to go soon....
    Thanks for all your advise on the site, its great to have you!

  4. Lol it is brutal and am finding it quite hard to fit in all in!

    Hell yeah am enjoying every mouthful as tomorrow they are gone :-( xx

    A - thank you and youre welcome x