Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Not such a good start .....

.... have come down with a stinking cold arghhhhhh!! Really annoyed as I rarely get ill with anything, no doubt caught on the plane on way home with all that air con blowing germs around everywhere!! The night we got back my throat felt a little scratchy and it took until Monday night to come out into a full blown cold and of course you cant go anywhere without everyone telling you its Swine flu blah blah blah - No i have a cold thats all but it is making me feel rubbish and have tried to eat healthily but have succumbed to a quick fix snack of chocolate yesterday and havent felt up to working out, just did a few rounds of a bodyweight workout and just didnt have the energy and cant breathe so gave up!

Hoping to feel better and get going tomorrow x


  1. I sympathise hun, I've had the worst upset stomach since Monday and it has stopped me from working out too.

    Hope you feel better soon babe


  2. Give yourself a little break and get better first! Your body might just be telling you to take it easy for a few days before going all out again.
    Hope the cold goes away quickly and you feel better soon!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments - I am feeling a lot better today thank goodness!

    Hope you are better soon too J xx