Thursday, 20 August 2009


where do the days go - just realised I havent posted since Monday. The days are flying by it wont be long before the summer hols are over and the kids are back at school - whilst I love the lazy days of not having to get school sorted I do kinda miss the routine, the gym is right next to school drop off so I tend to go as I'm there, I havent been to the gym all summer but have relied on home workouts which are fine and do the same thing - I just like the gym atmosphere!

I did a great workout Monday night with my friend which is always a laugh at the same time, again it was a bodyweight routine with some dumbell stuff too and my stomach has been killing me ever since we did as part of the routine some 21's which consisted off push ups and ab crunches you start at 21 of each then work your way back to 0 - that is alot of reps and of course you could do it with any combination of exercises.

I seem to be maintaining my weight at the mo - not losing it so I need to up my game a bit really - I think it is the lack of routine that is putting me out at the mo, I have clients on hol, some cancelling due to illness and some swapping times so I am all over the place - goal to get back on track next week although it is still a bit disrupted until September now!

Yesterday was a lovely hot day - the weather guys got it right for once and I managed to get about an hour outside reading my fitness magazine! It was lovely and reminded me of being back on holiday - today is not so nice grrrrr!

Tonight there is a world record attempt of fireworks going off on Bournemouth Seafront between the piers which we are hoping to go and see - they are planning to let of 110,000 fireworks in 60seconds should be great as long as it doesnt rain!! We have also booked a camping trip for BH weekend which is also my birthday so I am again hoping for sunshine!!!


  1. I hope the fireworks were fun and they made the record!
    Do you train people in their homes, or do you train them at a gym? Can you maybe sometimes train a little WITH them, instead of just coaching them?
    haven't tried your little workout yet, but will do so soon. I actually finally booked an hour with a trainer at my gym, I really like how the guy trains, so tomorrow at 1pm I will be cursing the world I guess! Maybe that will shake things up for me a little :-)

    Enjoy the last days of summer, school starts here on August 31st, and I do look forward to the routine, even though it means homework at night....

  2. They made the record but it wasnt very good and not worth the 2 hours it took me to get out of the carpark after!!!

    I train either at their homes or at mine, I dont tend to workout with them as i need to concentrate on what they are doing and their form etc

    Ooh good luck with yiur trainer - let me know how you get on x

  3. Trainer was great today, he took my body fat measurements again (I had him do it in April alrady, and the good news was that I went from 22.9% to 17.5% bodyfat!). I picked his brain for the full hour, having him evaluate my form on my major lifts, mixing up my routine, etc. I used to be a trainer for 8 years before starting to work full time 9 years ago, so still know enough to know that I don't know much... :-)

    For you it means that you are constantly spending time driving from one place to the other, does it??

  4. OOh sounds good - well done - great % loss congrats Annette!

    Its not too bad really a few clients come to me and i go to a few and they are spread out - only 1 is about 15 mins away the rest are very close to me x

  5. I love to exsersize (did I spell that right?)

    Peace and Love