Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tomorrow is the start of a new countdown

and I want to see if I can better the 6lb lost last month on my 30 in 30 challenge. I plan to use a combination of full body weight training, HIIT, Dax's training plans plus a variety of my own bodyweight circuits including kettlebells and valslides too!

Dietwise I am going to eat as ED friendly as possible but allowing myself 1 cup of tea daily, I will eliminate sugar/alcohol and wheat and processed foods, I will also follow the wave and carb cycle to some extent too although I may play around with this as it didnt do wonders for me last time.

I am setting myself the challenge of 8lbs for the next 4 weeks and see if i can beat the 6lb loss by 2lb - yes simple maths even I got that little sum right!!

Luckily i must have been carrying a lb of plane bloat as I was down a further 1lb today which means i only actually gained 1lb from my weeks blow out!!

Ooh looking forward to a new challenge............


  1. Very ambitious, 8 lbs, I like it! Do you plan on working out 3 times a day, or will you cut back but workout longer/harder???

  2. I dont think i can fit in 3 workouts a day especially not every day, The weights sessions will be longer and on HIIT days i will try to fit in a dax's workout too! or my own one!

    Trial and error i think see how i get on xx

  3. I personally think 3 workouts a day are crazy in the long term and lead to overuse injury/burnout etc. I am already struggling with the twice daily on the LGN, of course it has been 85 days now. But I know that I will cut back to 4 to 7 workouts a week, but I will try to give it my all then! Let us know how it is going :-)

  4. I will do Annette - got off to a slow start yesterday have come down with a cough and cold no doubt caught on the flight home!!! arghhhhh!!

    Yes i agree 3 a day is excessive and unrealistic for most people xx

  5. Sounds like a great plan! You can do it!