Friday, 7 August 2009

I'm back........ and had a real week off!!!

Ok I'm back and have confessions! My intentions of being Ed friendly on holiday lasted um well until I got to the airport for departure! We had a 7 hour delay and believe me being stuck in Bournemouth airport for that amount of time with absolutely nothing to do is very very boring!! We got given 2 lots of vouchers for food as the delay kept getting longer! There were no healthy food choices there at all so I had a sandwich (white bread!!!!!!!!!!) but did only drink water!! I imediately felt the bloat from the bread having not had any for months now!

We eventually arrived in Malaga at 5.45am and the car hire people had gone and left a note saying back at 7am so we had yet more delays and eventually got to our apartment at 8.30am totally shattered!

My promise to myself to not drink calories I kept by only drinking water other than 2 cocktails I had at our favourite cocktail bar right on Puerto Banus beach - they are just lovely!! and of course full of calories!! I also ate french bread/cheese and pate had 1 ice cream and some pasta so all in all I was very naughty! I weighed in this morning and was 2lb up so all in all I was ok with that as I really didnt try very hard at all! 2lbs to get off shouldnt be too tough next week!

What a posey place PB is! everyone is so up themselves! the money there is unreal, and everyone tries to out do each other! Every other car is a Ferrari or Lamborghini usually driven by short bald blokes but nice to look at (the cars that is) the women are dripping in designer gear and the men in rolex etc etc we go for the weather and ease of getting htere plus my friend owns a place there so for us it is easy! I wouldnt say it is a chilled out relaxing place to be though!!

We had wall to wall sunshine which was great and our own little bit of excitement when we discovered Katie Price was staying in our community! We are out side of PB in a gated community and we were chilling by the pool one afternoon when one of the little boys came running in saying a topless KP was in the next pool! Of course none of us believed him. My daughter and her friend ran off to investigate and came back highly excited saying it was her, but her hairdresser had turned them away.

With her new book in hand we went back to the pool via the back entrance and sat ourselves on the edge of the pool and there she was in just a thong right opposite us! Now love her or hate her it is just very weird to be in the same pool as someone as famous as she is (all beit for the wrong reasons) she has had her fair share of press recently and this trip was no different with a neighbour in the next apartment selling their pics to the sun! those are the ones that appeared this week! She signed the girls books for them which made their holiday and we swan in the pool a bot more then returned to our pool - there is only so much time you can get away with staring at a celeb and she's not really my idea of an icon although we did all watch her TV show!!

The rest of our hol was just spent reading books and relaxing, a week goes so quickly and I cant believe I am now home!

Next week (Monday) is the start of round 2 of losing some more pounds including the extra 2 that have crept back up! I will be mainly ED compliant but may try a month of eating for my bio type just to test out the course I went on! I will post more on this as several people are interested!

Exercise wise I will go back to some HIIT and weights with 1 of Dax's workouts as an extra daily!


  1. Glad you had a fabby time mate, love the pictures! Back on that wagon as of tomorrow :D


  2. Hey hun x Yes back on track 2mo xx

  3. Hi there,
    welcome back, glad you enjoyed yourself and had fun! Sounds like you are well rested and ready to attack the pounds again :-)

  4. Thank you Annette and yes all back on track as of tomorrow xx

  5. Glad you had a great vacation! Yes, I'm definitely interested to hear more about the bio type eating, so spill, please!

    I've slacked this past week - have been feeling completely wiped out, but tomorrow is another day!

    Best of luck! You can do it!