Sunday, 23 August 2009

Egg cellent!!!!!!!! Not

Sadly the fox got our chickens (well left the 1 legged one that doesnt lay) and for the first time in ages I have had to buy eggs, I bought free range organic ones and had 2 for my brekkie this am - I have forgotten how bland and tasteless shop bought eggs are, I thought with them being organic FR they wouldnt be too different from our own chickens eggs but they tasted on nothing at all and in fact I couldnt even finish them so I cant wait to get some new chickens and have our lovely fresh eggs back again!

I have been terrible this week on reflection and feel bloated and cross with myself.

Tomorrow is a new week and I have to get back on track or my goal for the September wedding will come and go with me not fitting into the dress I wanted to fit into for my holidays!! It is strange I was sooooo disciplined on the 30 in 30 challenge but I have not got that same motivation at the moment! I must find it NOW!!

My goal for the week ahead is to post on here every day, eat as well as I can and exercise twice a day!! So feel free to give me a virtual mouthful if i dont stick to that!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your chickens :( I love your weekly goal thread, last week I pledged on it and so I have finally started doing some cardio and it felt great!

  2. Ah well done you x yeah poor chuckies x

  3. How many chickens did you have? And how many eggs did you get? And how much work is it?? I would love to have chickens, but need to work on the husband some more....
    I so understand the missing motivation, I was very good for most of the 90 days of the challenge, and right now it is very hard to do. I just posted a new "power statement" on the Dax website, but the support there is also getting extremely lame. I think I need to look for another site to get more motivation and support.

    Get going girl, you have some work to do to fit into that nice dress of yours! I will check in on you and give you a virtual butt kick if you slack! :-)

  4. Thank you A xx we had 4 chickens which all laid an egg each then the 1 legged one stopped! They are no work at all - you ket them out in the morning, collect the eggs and they put themselves to bed at night you just shut the door! They need their straw cleaning out but that is it! Easy and so worth it for the eggs!

    Yes Dax's site has gone very quiet lately! maybe it wil pick up when he's back??

    Thank you i will wait for the kick if i'm not towing the line!!