Friday, 14 August 2009

Feeling better

thank goodness, cold finally clearing up! I did my first workout of the week yesterday and found it quite tough, clearly my cold has taken more out of me than i thought. Still i worked up a good sweat and am feeling the doms today, It was a pyramid set of bodyweight exercises that a colleauge of mine posted up on her site and i thought i'd give that a go - she ended the routine with a little he he after it and now i know why!! Thanks Charlie xx I finished it up with some valslide exercises - I'm loving these simple little tools very effective!

Food wise i havent really stuck to anything specific yet so will aim to track my carb intake next week, we had home made lasagne with veg last night which wasnt really on my plan but was yummy!!

Today I have been better having had eggs and ham for brekkie and some fruit and nuts so far! think it will ne homemade thai chicken curry with a little brown rice for dinner! my fave xx


  1. Glad you are feeling better. It feels good to get back on track again!

  2. It is amazing how much a little cold can throw you back, but hopefully you are back in the swing of things now! What was this exercise routine you did? Anything you can link to? I need to get my motivation going again, have been really bad with my workouts the last week...

  3. um not alink but i will post it up for you - worht a go simple but effective: will add it to todays post xx