Thursday, 27 August 2009

GCSE Results Day!!!!

Phew glad today is over - we were up and at the school gates by 7-45 this morning, surrounded by nervous hyper girls and within minutes we had the brown envelope in our hands!!

Well results not quite as predicted/expected - she did well in the higher papers she took and not so well inthe lower papers, she got her Science she needed for her college entry and is 1 point off her second English (£60 to re mark) She was also graded a B for her Art prior to official results by the school and they came back today as a D along with the majority of the other pupils! So we have spent alot of today talking to teachers and trying to suss out what has happened it seems that the whole lot of them have got much lower marks than they should and they are sending them all back as a job lot to re mark!! Why cant they just get it right to save all this stress and upset for the kids????

Needless to say my goals have not been met today!!!! Along with clients and all the above I have not had time to do my workouts although I have cleaned the house for 2 hours!!

We are camping over the weekend so hoping for some sunshine.....


  1. Have a great time camping!


  2. I think housecleaning counts as a workout, so don't feel too bad about missing your regular workouts! Yes, have fun this weekend, enjoy and relax!

    So 4 chickens, and 1 egg each each day?????

  3. Glad your daughter had some good marks she was pleased with! I know what you mean about the remarking, we had all that when we were at school! Have a lovely time camping :) hope the weather is nice for you xxx

  4. Thanks guys x

    Yes 1 egg per chicken per day is the idea x