Sunday, 28 June 2009

1 week down ----- (Day 7)

One whole week completed! phew!! Second day of the new diet rules, will be glad when tomorrow is over and I can look forward to a normal ED day!

The new workout was good, I enjoyed it alot although again it looks so much easier on paper than in reality, now got new times to beat tomorrow! Its nice to have the variety of some new things to do I am used to constantly changing things up so this will make a nicce change.

It also makes a difference with the order of the workouts, having been used to doing meltdown first it felt harder today after doing the new workout!

Food for today hasnt been so great, brekkie was ok with the usual eggs and ham, lunch was nice with poached salmon, spinach leaf salad with cucumber and peppers and sprinkled with pine nuts! Dinner was a let down it was oven roasted gammon with cabbage and leek and brocolli but my OH was late back and the veg was a bit overdone!! so i really didnt enjoy it plus I watched him eat all the nice new potatoes to go with it - I did miss having a few of those!

Tomorrow is weigh in and measure day then not again till Thursday which will be good and not so obsessive! Please scales be kind to me..........................


  1. Just wanted to take a moment and post on the blogs of all those involved with the 30 day challenge. My wife, Melissa, is doing this challenge as well and I am so proud of her and of all of you! Keep up the great work! A whole week down and look at all the changes and results - in so many ways. You truly are a bunch of incredible people - so inspirational in staying with the workouts, the food guidelines and the posting. Totally brilliant!

    I hope others see your blogs and the awesome job you are all doing. Well, just wanted to throw some well wishes into other members as I've been commenting on Melissa's blog.

    I wish you all a great adventure - while taking on a serious challenge.

    Best to ya!
    Andrew L

  2. Ah thank you Andrew that is really sweet of you and a lovely way to start my Monday morning after reading that!!


  3. I found the 2nd workout harder too. Funny what happens when you switch things around.