Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 5 - Crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG after last nights storm and next to no sleep I have woken up today totally wiped out, it is still so humid here with no air at all! I feel beyond tired, lethargic, drained of all energy!

I planned to do workout 1 early - didnt happen! Not sure if I feel worse as really had no carbs yesterday at all so fuelled up on a banana mid morning prior to clients and felt a bit better so as soon as I'd finished work I did workout 1! I forced myself into my gym to do it but surprisingly managed to get better results than the day before! Shows what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Had a jacket spud for lunch with some salmon and salad and just had my life saving greek yog and berries (it is my sweet fix and totally enjoyable) and have just now completed workout 2 which again i beat my times! I think tomorrow we will have something new to do - not sure yet if it is in addition to what we are doing already or a total change! Am kinda hoping for the second option as a new challenge would be nice!

Going out to dinner tonight so the next of todays challenges will be finding something i can eat! drinks are easy - water water water!!

I am going to have a really hot soak in the bath now and slurp some more water whilst in there, have a quick power nap and then workout 3 later on!

No change in measurements or weight today so a little disappointing thought I was ona roll but hopefully tomorrow will see some change somewhere!!

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