Sunday, 28 June 2009

Saturday Day 6 - Hmmmmmm.......

Another hot, humid day here, still tired but starting a new phase on the nutrition front - not going to be so easy for me as I have not eaten this way before but it will add a new twist to the program and hopefully get some good results! Speaking of which still nothing moving for me, really hoping now that it will kick in again soon, after the initial 2 days with a loss each day I thought I was on a roll but now nothing..... makes it all a bit more of a struggle as the incentive to keep going fades a bit with lack of results but still it is only 6 days and 2lb a week is better than I've done for a while lately anyway!
We will have a new workout to do tomorrow which will be nice and shake things up a bit - other than that today has been ok, workouts all done - still improving and add ing reps to workout 3 - did it in the garden last night was lovely and cool but exercise 3 felt harder as the grass is springy and i felt i was working harder to get into full position and back up again!

Food today was nice - eggs for breakfast and again for lunch with ham and mushrooms, dinner was chicken with spinach leaf salad, cucumber, spring onions, peppers and my own dressing of lemon, oil, garlic and basil yum! and very filling! snacked on cashews and drowned in water!!


  1. Hi

    if you have time please could you comment on the questions in my blog:

  2. Hi George
    The questions on your blog are very specific to this program, as you know we are guinea pigs and trialing this out - obviously we cannot give away details of exactly what we are doing as that would make the whole exercise pointless! Dax will have the product available to buy at some point after this trial for those that wish to give it a go!