Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 3 ouch!!!!

I was surprised to wake up this morning feeling quite sore in the glute area! or bum to anyone not up on their muscle groups!! I didnt expect that as I have been doing loads of deadlifts and exercises lately targeting that area but I have to say ouch!! I think the SM's are getting me too!

The first workout this morning was tough again - in fact harder than yesterday I did it on an empty stomach so I didnt have any fuel in the tank and didnt beat yesterdays times!

Workout 2 I took outside into the sunshine which was nice, did better on that one today but have stuffed myself with eggs, greek yog and strawberries so had a little more to work on!

The last workout will be later after I finish work as no time to do before hand!

Just had a yummy dinner of poached salmon on salad leaves with tomatoes and cucumber - definately getting more cals in today!

Is strange but I feel thinner on the inside, its a definate light kind of feeling, as if nothing is clogging you up or dragging you down!

I'm not sleeping too well though, strangely I cant get off to sleep and I'm getting up once to go to the loo (damn that water)!!

Still 1lb down in weight today so that is good!


  1. Great job Sarah! My sleep has been a bit distubed too, I think all the excitement with the challenge.

  2. Okay, you got me - what are SMs. I need to know, so I can figure out how they got you! ;-)

    You only had to get up once last night? Consider yourself lucky!

  3. Lol Petra!! SM's - spidermans! was trying to be cryptic with the description so as not to give it away!!