Tuesday, 30 June 2009

WEEK 2 Monday Day 8

Not feeling too bad considering the low carbs and hot weather! my taste buds are wanting more flavours and I'm thinking I need to get more creative with my menu's - todays was eggs and organic sausage for breakfast (only a chipolata as I'm not really a sausage fan!!) Lunch was grilled chikcen with lemn and garlic on a bed of spinach leaves, and dinner was lean organic minced beef with veg mixed in with yet more spinach leaves and cucumber and red pepper! Popeye eat your heart out!!!!

Workouts were ok - the PC to start off the day followed by our new workout - which I did outside, nothing beats an outdoor workout it just feel so much fresher and cool! I went for a dog walk with a friend which was a bit of extra activity and later the last killer workout!

Really looking forward to tomorrow and having my yog and raspberries .............

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