Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 4 cont.d

They say there's a close relationship between love and hate and that is how I feel about workout 1, I really dont look forward to starting it and I really hate it when there's the 5 second countdown to start again but then when I'm done I love the way it makes me feel (other than uber sweaty) such a great post exercise feeling after just 16 mins!

I managed to smash my densities again which was great!

Workout 2 was good too, I beat each consecutive time but didnt beat yesterdays time (personal best i think so far)

Met friends at prezzo for lunch today and had a spinach and chicken salad minus the dressing and croutons! They had wine and dessert - choc fudge cake and banana toffee cheesecake, I had water and no dessert!! polishes halo!!!

I did really enjoy my lunch it was very tasty and filling, makes me wonder why I have alwasy chosen pasta before, I left without that bloated stuffed feeling instead being pleasantly full!

I have had a few cashews and greek yog and berries so far, not as much food as yesterday yet, shopping trip ahead so will find something yummy for dinner, think another portion of yog and fruit first though!

Workout 3 as usual done at about 8-9pm!


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  3. Hi

    I put you in my blog - and linked to your blog - because I am following your progress. (Dax has been commenting)

    You're welcome to link to my blog and/or respond to my posts

    Good luck!


  4. Thank you George and good luck with your progress too!