Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 4 - Excited!!

As soon as I wake up now the first thing that comes into my mind is what will the scales say today!! It is a feeling of both fear and excitement - today I had this feeling that there would be no change so it was with trepidation that I stepped on the scales..... and there it was another lb down! I kinda just stood there and stared at it in disbelief I guess! - now you may be thinking that hey its only a lb but that is 1lb every day so far - I'm used to at best seeing a 1lb decrease per week and even that has been a rarity lately!! ooh and 1" off my hips!

I always had faith in Dax's prgrams but to see it actually happening before my eyes is kind of unreal!

I'm just hoping that this has set the path that my weight will follow and it doesnt stop!

Mind you it is hard work - I am well used to spending my time working out and am no stranger to lifting heavy weights and sweating my **** off, but this is so different, the workouts are short - really short but boy they are tough, on paper they dont seem so hard but you dont get these results by taking it easy! Last night i really didnt feel like the third workout but I knew there was no choice - no choice as I have promised to see this 30 days through andf I will - so I did workout 3 in front of the tv with family spectators laughing and making comments before actually showing a bit of admiration when I performed the last exercise (those also taking part will know what I'm talking about!!) I am still a bit sore and I'm quite tired too but it is fun and I'm excited to see how it progresses!

Now on with today and it starts all over again ....


  1. Ya that last excerise is a doozy. Good job! Ya I can't believe the results either. I lost .5 inches on my thighs. Those babies haven't moved in a year. I am exicted too!

  2. Good one Cyn - my thighs are the same but those and boobs always the last to go on me!

  3. Well done Sarah!

    Really chuffed to see your consistent results. Keep it up my friend. I'm rooting for you