Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 2 Dax's 30lb in 30 days June 23rd 09

Can't believe I've just uploaded these pics - OMG!!!! I hide it all quite well when wearing clothes but braved it to show it all off in all its horror to spur me on to get rid of the fat!! When you see it all in photos it is a real visual reminder of what you are and how much work is needed! My real problem areas are my muffin top and arms i think - I always have quite muscular legs so am used to them not appearing skinny but I am quite horrified by my arms, my boobs will be the last to go always are which is fine but a couple of sizes smaller will be good!

Just had a lovely bowl full of fresh raspberries and greek yoghurt as my after workout snack! I found it hard again and on the last round of exercises (workout 1) was cursing Dax big time - but felt good afterwards!!

Just worked out my exercise densities for workout 1 and I blew yesterdays out of the water!! Go me!!!!!! oh yeah 2 more workouts till to do hmmmm ......

Aiming to pick my son up from school then do workout 2, got some clients later and then do workout 3 at about 9pm!

Going to have to force myself to go and eat some more in a minute as otherwise it will turn out like yesterday! I'm just not hungry!!!


  1. You look great in your pictures! Can't believe there was ever a baby in that belly.

  2. Lol there has been 2!!!! And its bigger now than it was a few weeks after i had them!!!!

    But hey in 30 days ..........

    Thanks though x

  3. Not that yuck! Imagine how you will look after dropping 30lbs! (Not that upi need to lose that much!)

    Well done on smashing yesterday's densities!

  4. Thanks P :-) yes roll on day 30!!!