Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mmmmmmm Fruit Day 9

How excited was I this morning to know I coul dhave my yummy Greek yog and raspberries! Food today has been extra nice, I had a lovely salad of leaves, poached salmon, cucumber, red onion and 3 new potatoes it was so nice it didnt even need a dressing! Dinner has been thai cchicken curry with a small amount of brown rice! snacks have been fruit and nuts! What a difference a few days of out no carbs has been I actually really looked ofrward to all of todays food and it is all still ED friendly!!

Workouts today have been good too so far still one to go! I went to a friends this morning and she timed it all for me on workout 1, it was nice ot have some moral support through it for a change and lunchtimes circuit is getting more and more chalenging with the extra reps each time!

The last workout I'll go and do in a mo as soon as dinner has gone down!!