Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Challenge

I've just applied for a new challenge, I think its a bit similar to the last one i did but with a different trainer (US based) this time, it also lasts for 6 weeks rather than 30 days.

He has asked for a deposit which we had to get in last night pacific time to guarantee a place (not sure if i made the deadline as had no clue when that was) if we stick to the plan and give before and after pics and a testimonial we get our deposit back!! we also have to blog daily - so I am waiting to see if i have been accepted or not!

The last one worked well for me as I had the accountability which I have discovered is my major plus point and failing as I am not so motivated when accountable only to myself, but seem to be able to do it 100% when accountable to others! something to work on maybe!

The new challenge if i get on it isnt due to start until 13th Sept so I have a few weeks to do my own thing and start to make a dent in my last 24lbs that is the amount i have decided i need or want to lose! I have a wedding on thr 19th to go to and want to lose 7lbs before that - who knows if i'll get into the dress i wanted to but i have seen sme nice ones in the shops and i love an excuse to get a new one!!! The goal is still to fit into my old dress even if i buy a new one!

The camping weekend was well as expected wet and windy!! My birthday was a nice sunny morning although still windy and we managed to sit out all day and have a bbq and walk on the beach, the next 2 days were cold, wet and very windy just like last years experience (maybe camping isnt for me)!!!!

Food wise i wasnt good at all as it was so hard to cater for 6 in a tent in bad weather without resorting to bread, I definately know it doesnt agree with me and i felt really uncomfortable every evening after a day of bacon roll for brekkie and maybe a sandwich for lunch!

Does anyone know if you can buy ham without sodium nitrate in it? I was using ham to replace my bread at brekkie time but with all the reports of how bad this is for us - I need an alternative, we went to a lovely organic farm shop whilst away and even their ham and bacon mentioned sodium nitrate on the packaging!

I will keep you posted on the new challenge if i hear anything more about it!


  1. Very cool! Good luck! Out of interest, who is the trainer? I have found nitrate free coldcuts and get them in the farmer's markets - I don't know where you would get them in the UK.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    good for you to start a new challenge! Awesome! Like Petra I am interested to hear who the trainer is.
    I find nitrite free meat in the US at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, but I have no clue about the UK. Try a health food store!

  3. Great a new challenge to follow! :) Looking forward to see how you get on!