Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hot Hot Hot!!! Day 10

As someone posted today a third of the way through!!!

Am finding today hard, it is just so hot! everything is an effort even just day to day things, the workouts were just hard! I did the first one as soon as I got up which i always find hard as i have no fuel in the tank, and with the heat just no energy! I managed them all but didnt break any records! I did the second about an hour ago and it was still nasty!!

I was jealous of the ones working out in Dax's air conditioned studio for a minute or two but then thought no he'd be whipping their ****es!

Food for today has been just fuel, I'm not hungry at all, eggs for brekkie with ham, more eggs for lunch with organic chipolata and mushrooms and nuts to snack on. Dinner will be marinated turkey kebabs with mushroom, courgette and pepper on the skewer with salad!

Am still remembering how much i enjoyed yesterdays food and hoping that will keep me going for the next 2 days! When On Saturday I can do it all over again!!

Oooh weigh in and measure tomorrow! the suspense and build up begins........................


  1. What a disciplined young lady!
    good luck for tomorrow

  2. Oh wow I forgot about the weighing and measuring tomorrow! Is it Thursday already??!! :0)

    Sleep well! Not long til FRUITDAY!!!!!

  3. Good job keeping up with all the heat...send it this way- It's been raining 40 days and nights..

  4. There ain't no air conditioning at Dax's, just a fan and you have to share the blast.

    I'm taking comfort from the fact that if I can keep going in this heat nothing can stop me.

    You're doing great. Definitely a cooler tonight. So maybe tomorrow it'll be a breeze.

  5. Great job and I do enjoy your blogs.

  6. Ah thanks guys - its so lovely to get comments on my blog, does help spur me on!!

    Natasha that makes me a feel a little better, maybe a fan would be a good idea, think we have one in the loft!!

    Good luck to you all too xxx