Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Catch up blogs - flipping broadband!!

Arghhhhh had issues with broadband for days now - dropping in and out all the time so everytime I have tried to get online i have started just to lose it - very very annoying!!

Anyhow the weekend was a busy and tiring one - My daughter and I went to London for a girlie shopping weekend and walked for hours and hours - to be exact 9 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday so I guess I have fufilled my exercise quota for this weekend!! I couldnt stick to the food plan 100% as i couldnt make smoothies or cook etc so i ate as cleanly as possible with eggs for brekkie with mushrooms and chicken salad for lunch and the same for dinner!

Monday saw a change we are now doing 4 intervals if our cardio of 2 mins 15 of high followed by 2 of low x 4!

The strength part is new too:

Jackknife x 10 reps
Single Arm Band Pull Downs x 10
Alternating Lunges with Curl x 12 reps total (6 each leg)
Pushups x 10 supersetting with x 10 Dumbbell Bench Press on Ball
Squat, Curl, Press x 10
Band Rotations on Stability Ball x 10 reps each direction

Finding these easier than the previous workouts as the burpees and get ups are challenging! I may still add some in as they do get me everytime!!

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and then oats (struggled with this)
snack of berries and nuts (yum)
Lunch was tuna salad
Apple and peanut butter for another snack
Dinner was chicken salad this time!

It was a lower cal day and it felt like it a bit - but that is a good thing as i'm nt really getting too much smaller - we can also for the next few days cut our portions which i will try too!


Exercise as above but 11 reps of everything and 14 of the lunges!

Food was my fave smoothie
snack of the same
tuna salad for lunch
and chicken and veg for dinner!

Phew all updated :-)


  1. Hi there, was reading your "About me" again and unless that photo is very old, I cant see where you could possibly hope to lose 30 pounds from?! You look gorgeous already and surely 30 pounds lighter you would blow away in the breeze and be a stick woudln't you? Is 30 pounds realistic (for you)?

  2. Too funny how some exercises always seem to get us, no matter how much we do them! Burpees always get me close to puking, and seems that kettlebell swings always get me sore on my behind! Good for you for doing them anyway, even if you wouldn't have to at the moment!

    In terms of diet: how many low carb days do you do a week? Do you still fast?

  3. Hiya
    If you scroll to the very beginning of my blog you will see current pic of how i am now! the thing is i am a personal trainer so for me to be happy with where i am is maybe different from where others want to be - 30lbs isnt very realistic i know but 20lbs would be!

    All of the current diet is fairly low carb but 1 day is now lower than the others - not fasting at the mo - may re introduce after this plan though :-) x

  4. I was wondering where you had vanished to - glad it was only problems with cyberspace. It'll be interesting to see how you get on with the more restricted days. There was an interesting discussion on Dax's site about how tough it is for personal trainers to shift weight/fat. You just do too much :-)

    Hope this works for you