Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wed, thurs, Fri


The high intensity levels have upped to 2 mins30 x 4 along with 4 x lower intensity!

Then Jacknife x 12 (always one to do in private lol)
Pulldowns x 12
Lunge with curl x 16
12 pushups superset with 12 bench press (superset)
Squat curl and press x 12
Band rotations on ball x 12

B - 2 eggs ( iam cutting down on some cals)
S fruit
L Salmon salad
D turkey burger with salad


As yesterday - but with an extra rep and 2 extra on the lunges

B oats with apple
S Yoghurt and berries
L Chicken salad
S apple and peanut butter
D Chicken with veg


Now 14 reps on all exercises and 20 on the lunges plus the usual 4 intervals 2.3o high and 2 low

B 2 eggs (no oats as trying to cut cals)
S berries and buts
L tuna salad
S apple and peanut butter
D Chicken and veg

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