Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tues and Wed

This is going to be short as i just typed it all out with great long descriptions for a change and then lost it all - arghhhhhhhh today is not my day!!

Tues same intervals 2;30 high 2 low x 5

strength 11 reps on all 14 on lunges and 16 toe taps

food was my fave smoothie
tuna salad
chicken salad


as above with 12 reps
16 lunges and 18 toe taps (not getting any easier)

Am struggling at the mo - life is very stressful with lots of personal stuff going on - really finding it all a bit tough at the mo :-( x


  1. Hugs

    I am dosed up with all sorts of supplements which are supposed to be reducing my cortisol levels. I am sleeping brilliantly but not sure whether it is making any difference otherwise. Let me know if you want to know more.

    Did you ever hear back about whether stress could be affecting yur results?

    Hang in there - you'll get to your taarget, you are so determined

  2. Hey Choccie, Sorry to hear you are having a hard time.
    You are doing so well with this challenge... have been reading your blog since you started it and am really impressed!! Well done girl!!

    Hope your personal things will be sorted out soon. BIG HUG!!!!

    Caroline xxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Natasha - thank you for your message - i'd love to know more please - you could pm me to daxs network if easier?

    Hey Caroline x thanks you too x hope you are ok?


  4. Hi there,
    hang in there and cut yourself some slack if you need to! You can't do it all, and maybe you need to cut back a little in order to improve again....

  5. Bear in mind that this was based on a thorough personal health and lifestyle questionnaire and a physical assessment at Dax's studio from which he concluded that a number of my hormones were out of wack so it is tailored for me and you are probably best off finding someone local who can help you out specifically:

    Dax's message to me was as follows:

    Ashawaghanda (spelling may be ashwangandha), Rhodiola

    You're best off taking around 20 drops 2-3 times a day as well as taking some Valerian, Skullcap and Passionflower just before bed. (NB This is available as a single compound from a website in the UK - not sure how widely available it is).

    This combination should prove pretty effective at managing cortisol.

    I am also taking Vits B and C in the morning, Calcium mid day and Zinc and Magnesium (citrate) before bed. All of which are supposed to help balance the hormones, especially the adrenal responses.

  6. p.s. hope that helps.


  7. Thank you Natasha yr a star :-))) xx

  8. RE Stress help: For thoughts always buzzing in your mind 24/7 (like a constant, and often negative barrage of thoughts "behind the scenes"). I did just one session of NLP and I got rid of that and now I know how to be rid of it were it to happen again. It would pay to see an NLP person (neuro linguistic programming). The NLP woman I saw taught me this. When a negative thought, or those buzzing ideas are in the background annoying you, picture a stop sign and say STOP!, put your hand up too in a stop motion if you can. Picture the neurons in the brain and that thought stopping and coming to a dead end.

    When I first started I was saying STOP about 6 times a minute for the first few hours! It quickly dissapated down thereafter to none, I had conciously reprogrammed that subconsious brain, using my brain. It's an incredible thing and it worked brilliantly for me.

    As I was also depressed, she "prescribed" me 1x comedy a day and also gave me 12 cirle stickers with smiley faces drawn on. I had to put them all over my house and in my car, in places I would see them many times a day. EVERY time I saw one, for a whole month, I had to stop until a happy thought, pleasant memory or something I was grateful for (all different!) came to mind, only then I could move on. This made my brain re focus on feelings of happiness, contentment and gratitude (rather than the opposite) and this too worked very well. I was on anti depressants when I saw her and within the month, I was completely off them. I hope this helps you or others experiencing stress.