Tuesday, 20 October 2009

OMG!!!! Kettlebell hell lol

Well today i had my kettlebell training course - it was a really enjoyable day although extremely tiring and I am sorer than I can describe to you - from my hamstrings into my glutes right up the erector spinae (that goes all the way up your spine to your neck) ouch!!!

Tomorrow I am not looking forward to! We probably had about 7 hours of practice and drills so I am hoping Rylan is going to let me off todays workout as I think this one may have made up for it!!!

Todays food i coulkdnt really stick to the plan for today so i took whatt was portale and doable which was the smoothie for brekkie and snack, tuna salad and now i'm home i can have the intended chicken stir fry for dinner!!

Then a hot bath and bed i think!!!!


  1. Yeah, I guess I can let you off this once.


    It's not like you didn't get a workout in hey?

    Kettlebells are awesome, glad you took the course.

  2. 7 hours of kettlebell?? My God that must have been tough. I've never done it but when I saw it on TV it looked quite though. So I cannot imagine how much hard work 7 hours is... So very well done to you!!


  3. Thank you Rylan phew :-)

    Yes it was tough Caroline xx

  4. 7hrs, I'd be crying for my mum!

  5. sounds amazing. My non Dax trainer has just been telling me about kettle bell competitions - crazy stuff. I have a love hate relaionship with the things, actually that is true of almost all exercise :-)

  6. Wow Sarah - I wish you could come to the US and teach a kettlebell class here! I am still not sure if I am doing the moves correctly, have only watched you tube videos on technique so far. Good for you! Maybe not the soreness, but that shall pass... :-)