Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sat - rest day

4 weeks in now and i really am quite disheartend with my results - i feel like i am just going to stay this way forever! only 6lbs with Daxs program and only about 2 so far on this one!

I dont know why im just not getting anywhere!!!!

Fed up!!


  1. Sarah,

    Sorry to hear you are so disapointed with your results. It is half a stone (in just over 3 months) and you were in pretty good shape to begin.
    This is the link to the Dax discussion I was mentioning in my last post (You may need to cut and paste it). On the new regime I am doing with Dax he has done the calliper measurement thing for me and we are adjusting my supplements to balance out my hormones. I know this is the latest "fad?" in personal training but it may be that it would be the extra boost you need.

    Interestingly my weight and inch loss on my new programme are much slower than on 30 in 30 but visually the changes are making more of an impact on other people. Don't know whether that is cummulative or the effect of the twice weekly studio workouts.

    Hope to hear some positive news from you soon.

    hang in there - you have lost half a stone in 3 months. It is all good.


  2. p.s. sorry those boxes are so small I've only just realised I've repeated myself.


  3. Measurements - nothing dramatic! :-(

    Thanks Natasha - I will have a look x well done for doing so well - id love to be going to the studio it must be a real boost xx