Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wed & Thurs

Wednesday i couldnt workout as I had back to back clients and i felt ill, i have a cold dragging on and now a cough is coming, i havent been sleeping well and feel a bit crap really!

I wasnt hungry yesterday at all and ate what i could.

Today - thursday i still dont feel right but i had the eggs for breakfast and fruit, I had a the shake for snack/lunch as i wasnt hungry, dinner was turkey burger with veg!

I did manage to do 2 workouts but couldnt do all the reps today - jusst feeling rubbish and no energy!

Hope to feel better tomorrow x


  1. That sounds really miserable. My trainer always says to lay off the exercise if the cold is below the neck and with a cough as well yours probably is. Don't know what her rational is but it certainly works for me. Hope you feel better soon

  2. You have joined two fat loss comps lately, you train people for a living and you are unwell.

    Time to take a complete two week break. You know a lot and don't need others to motivate you. You need to find where your motivation went and get it back - you not anyone else. It is there somewhere.

    Once you rest and regenerate, you will find your enthusiasm again.

    Hang in there.