Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lots of updates - from kettlebell hell to week from hell!!

Massive apologies for lack of blogging - the last week has been a total nightmare!!

The DOMS from the kettlebell course lasted nearly a week in the end so my workouts have been somewhat limited and painful :-(

My daughter has the worst case of tonsilitis ever ending up in a dash to the hospital the other night as she couldnt breathe or swallow - the tonsils were so infected and swollen they had more or less closed her throat - she is now on anti biotics and painkillers but it hasnt kicked in yet - it is however very quiet around here!

My life continues to be very stressful but I wont bore you with the details!!

So to wrap up the final week of Rylans project it went like this:

Wednesday - 5 sets of intervals 3mins high and 2 low

I attempted to do swings but my hamstrings just too painful so had to walk instead, my legs just felt like they were going to collapse under me!

We then had 3 circuits of strength:

Clean and Jerk x 12
Get-Up (quickly) x 9 each side (felt easier than yesterdays turkish ones!!
Burpees, Pushup, Press x 12
Alternating Lunge & Torso Rotation x 9 each direction
Ball Pass x 12 nice as my abs dont hurt!
3 Point Toe Tappers x 12 still hating these


Smoothie for brekkie and snack
Tuna salad
Chicken and veg


Wasnt good - can barely walk today so went with a freind to the opening of a new John Lewis store near us and hobbled around - its weird it is the worst case of DOMS i've ever had but is limited to only my posterior chain (up the back, calves, hamstrings, and back) Our instructor told us when she did her course she felt like she'd had a face lift as everything was so tight!!

Confession: I just couldnt workout today, hot bath and a massage was what i needed i only got the hot bath though!!

Quick shake
Salmon burger


Doms still present so when Rylan said this would be our toughest workout he wasnt wrong!!!

Intervals 5 x 3high 2 low

Clean and Jerk x 14
Get-Ups x 11 each side
Burpees, Pushup, Press x 14
Alternating Lunge & Torso Rotation x 11
Ball Pass x 14
Toe Tappers x 14 reps each side
Chin-Up (or Down) & Crunch x 12

Saturday - well deserved day off - thank god xx

Sunday - fun cardio - walk in the lovely new forest


We did out original workout which does seem so easy now!

2 x intervals 2 mins high 3 low

Prisoner Squat x 10 2 sets
Step-Ups x 10 2 sets
Pushups x 10 2 sets
Burpees x 10 x 2 sets
Bench Dips with Bent Legs x 10 x 2 sets
Get-Ups x 10 x 2 sets

Phew its done - end results not as good as they should have been that has been my issue lately 6lbs on Daxs programme and 5lbs on this one! Not great but that is down to me and whats going on around me rather than the actual programme - stress and weight loss not a great mix!!

What happens next - well i am looking forward to doing my own thing again adn i think the kettlebells will be taking a front place now for a bit plus introducing back a few foods i missed but i am determined to reach my goal by Xmas and have put a chart into place with rewards along the way so blogging will continue!!


  1. Good to have you back!! Hope your daughter is getting better slowly...
    I love the New Forest. Haven't been there for ages...

    Caroline xxx

  2. Thank you i'll try to update more often x

  3. I can truly empathise with this. My daughter and I have had a trip to A&E, a trip to the GP and a trip to fracture clinic in the last week. Also on antibiotics (off the pain killers now). Operation to remove the pins in her ankle scheduled for Monday.

    On Sunday my tear off Calendar offered me this:

    "Some of us have designed our lives so tightly that any change can throw us into disaster mode.

    A balancing act is different from a life of balance."

    I resisted the urge to throw it across the room. Recognised the truth, for me. And am pondering how to achieve change.

    What I know though is that when our young are threatened by anything, it is stressful and completely exhausting and the best thing we can do is nurture them.

    I hope you and yours reach peacefulness and wellness soon

    with love


  4. Ah thank you Natasha and the same to you! Good luck for your daughter xx My son broke his leg in 3 places last year and it was a nightmare so I know what your going through xx
    Thank you for your continued support :-) xx