Thursday, 24 September 2009

Fat Loss Day 10

Arghhhhhhhhh I cant wait to get my new laptop - it is a sad fact of life that I cant function without access to the internet and all the things I store on my pc. It is making my blogging virtualy impossible as I have to wait for a few seconds access to someone elses laptop - am hoping mine will arrive today or tomorrow - I am getting a lovely shiny new Sony Vaio which seems to be all singing all dancing - I loved the apples but couldnt justify the extra money for less spec - but visually they do look amazing!

Anyway Day 10 was busy food was as per the new menu so i had my yummy smoothie for brekkie and snack, tuna salad fo rlunch and chicken and veg for dinner.

I worked back to back clients yesterday so didnt get a chance to do the workout so will do 2 today :-( thinking that will be a challenge!!!

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  1. It will be fun having a new laptop! I just hope you can easily transfer all your stuff and don't run into any "surprises"! I love technology when it all works!