Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday Day 16 Ouch ouch ouch

Ouch.... Today i had promised my friend we would workout together so on top of my 3 x circuit of :-

16 weighted get ups
16 pushups (full)
11 burpees with jump
14 walking lunges
Band rotations and pulls ( I have a problem with these as they just dont seem to work for me) I need to do them in the gym on a weighted cable machine or Rylan has suggested some stronger bands but by the time i ordered and received them it would be too late for this challenge.

I also did a mega valslide circuit with my mate which has propely killed my legs - I have DOMS already and think i will be in trouble tomorrow - it was good fun but ouch!

Food today was the lovely smoothie which although i love it fills me up so much that i really struggled to eat as much today, I couldnt eat lunch but had an afternoon snack of some cold chicken, dinner was turkey with veg x

Not looking forward to hobbling out of bed in th emorning :-( x


  1. great job! I am sure I would not be doing additional workouts yet! I will get there some day!