Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 5, 6 & 7 Boogie boogie boogie

Finally able to update on the last few days - Day 5 was all as before again with additional rep! The weekend was impossible to be 100% on plan with the wedding so I did the best I could in the circumstances.

Day 6 Saturday - I followed the plan until the afternoon when we were then totally out of control for all food choices, the wedding food was a hog roast so I had just the meat (small portion) and some salad - there wasnt any other choices. My exercise was about 4-5 hours of dancing so I think i met my quota for the weekend! The bride looked lovely - will work on a few pics but cant get them off my phone at the mo as i forgot my camera :-( after the wedding itself we went in to town inc bride in her dress into a club and boogied until about 4am!

Today we spent travelling and we went to my other halfs parents for dinner where i had chicken and veg - yummy and lovely to be cooked for me!

Tomorrow is a new week and a new set of exercises nd a few diet changes - bring it on!!


  1. Hey,

    you sound very up!

    I love those full week-ends which feel like a whole week away.

    Looking forward to this week's updates.

    How is it feeling?


  2. Hey N

    Yes all good - been shattered today - looking forward toa good nights sleep and a good day 2mo x how's u?xx