Saturday, 26 September 2009

Friday Day 12

Today's Workout

CardioWarmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2minutes and 15 seconds low intensity

Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training

Strength Training

Circuit Format - Complete 3 full circuitsRest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuit
For pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variations

Exercises Starting Repetitions
Shoulder Squat 14 reps Step-Ups Weighted 14 reps Decline Pushup 14 reps or Stability Ball Pushups 14 reps Dumbbell Burpees 14 reps Bench Dips - Feet Up 14 reps or Bench Dips - On Ball 14 reps Get-Ups - Weighted 14 reps Rest 60-90 seconds

Am going to do try kettlebell swings for my cv next workout ;-)

Food was as per the new plan - smoothie for brekkie, tuna for lunch and salmon for dinner yum x

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