Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 2

Nutrition for today:

08.00 B - 1/2 cup oats with 1 chopped apple with almonds (yuk) and flaxseed
10.30 S - 0% fat free Greek yoghurt with raspberries
12.30 L - 1 grilled chicken breast with salad, tomatoes, peppers and spring onion, banana
15.30 S - 1 apple with peanut butter
17.45 D - oven roasted chicken breast with leom juice with brocolli and cauliflower and mushrooms
21.00 S - 2oz cashew nuts

2L water
Warmup: 5 minutes
Intervals: 2 minutes high intensity Rowing machine + 3 minutes low intensity Rowing machine
2 sets each.

Strength Training Circuit
Exercises Sets and Reps

Prisoner Squat 3 sets, 11 reps
Bench Step-Ups 3 sets, 11 reps
Pushups - full press ups 3 sets, 11 reps
Burpees (with jump) 3 sets, 11 reps
Bench Dips straight leg 3 sets, 11 reps
Get-Ups (minus weight) 3 sets, 11 reps


Not liking the almonds at all - never did like the flavour and not growing on me so kind of ruined the porridge for me. Still feeling really hungry and craving sweet things abit!

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