Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fatloss Project day 9

Today was as yesterday with an extra rep:

Warmup: 5 minutes to break a sweat
Intervals: 3 sets of intervals - 2 minutes high intensity - 2
minutes and 30 seconds low intensity
Cooldown: Not needed - immediately begin strength training

Strength Training

Circuit Format - Complete 3 full circuits
Rest 60-90 seconds at the end of each circuit
For pushups and bench dips, chose one of the variations

Exercises Starting Repetitions

Shoulder Squat 11 reps
Step-Ups Weighted 11 reps
Decline Pushup 11 reps
Stability Ball Pushups 11 reps
Dumbbell Burpees 11 reps
Bench Dips - Feet Up 11 reps
Bench Dips - On Ball 11 reps
Get-Ups - Weighted 11 reps
Rest 60-90 seconds

Food was as before: back to the oats with almonds :-( he he
*note: remember to get at least 2 liters of water per day or more
plus drink as much herbal tea de-caf as you like*

Breakfast 7:30am

1 apple (eaten whole, or chopped and mixed into oats)
1 cup of cooked 'old fashioned' or large flake oats
1 tbsp of sliced unsalted almonds
1 tbsp of ground flax seed or linseed
Cinnamon and Stevia To Taste

Morning Snack 10:30am

1/2 cup of low fat plain yogurt
1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese
1/2 cup of mixed frozen or fresh berries of your choice (mixed in)

Lunch 12:30pm

2-3 cups of green salad
1 cup of fresh sliced veggies in salad (carrots, peppers, etc)
1 grilled and sliced chicken or turkey breast mixed in
Dressing made from 1 tbsp of olive oil + lemon juice to taste
+salt and pepper to season

1 piece of fresh fruit Raspberries

Afternoon Snack 3:30pm

1 apple or pear sliced
1 tbsp of NATURAL almond or peanut butter

Dinner 6:00pm

2 cups of steamed, or boiled veggies (your choice except corn, peas,
potatoes, or other starches)
2 cups of green salad served with lemon and oil dressing (same
as what was served at lunch)
1 serving (4-6 oz) or LEAN protein of your choice - grilled, baked,
or poached - if choosing pork or beef be sure to trim away visible
fat. Ground beef is not a good option unless extra lean and fat
is drained off. Tonight I had Chicken

Just ordered a new laptop today - so hopefully blogs can get back to being a little more exciting - my daughter doesnt like sharing hers very much so time is limited x

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