Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fat Loss Project Day 4

Again as yesterday plus 1 rep on all circuits


  1. Hi,

    Sounds like you've really got yourself a challenge here. I've just posted on Dax's network about what I'm up to.

    Looking forward to photos of your wedding outfit and also hearing about your results.

    Enjoy (apart from the almonds, obviously)



  2. Hi Sarah,
    just reading up on what you are doing after not being on your site for a week.... I think I would enjoy the foods, love oats and almonds. Sorry you don't like them! Do you do the strength part as a circuit, 3 times through, or each exercise 3 times, then move on to the next? Just curious. How much time a day do you spend exercising on this program?

    Good luck, let us know how your weight loss goes. BTW: do you do body fat caliper testing? I noticed that I only lost 8 pound on Dax's 90 day challenge, but went from 23% body fat to about 17.5%. Which comes to around 11 lbs of fat lost, and 3 lbs of lean muscle gained, so not too shabby!

  3. Hey Natasha - lovely to hear from you, yes i'll try to post a pic up - wedding is today and the sun is shining, good luck with your plan too xx

    Annette yes i like the foods other than almonds but hey - it is changing from Monday so looking forward to a change - great fat loss result well done, i use some electronic calipers sometimes but prefer the tape measure as i'm never sure how accurate the calipers are :-) x